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Power it up with add-on modules

  • Export results for all test-takers
  • Sort or filter test results
  • Analyze test results
  • Compare numerical results
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Data Export

If you are a data-oriented person, reading through test-taker reports one-by-one can be frustrating, and may not provide a complete picture. This is why ARCH Profile provides a data export functionality. After your group of test-takers has completed an assessment, you can export everyone's scores for every scale into one organized Excel file. This can be particularly useful if you want to conduct your own analysis on the data, create custom benchmarks, or sort and compare test-takers according to specific scales. If you're using ARCH Profile's tests for training purposes and are likely to conduct a round of testing several times a year, you can download the Excel file each time, and analyze how your group has grown and progressed.

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