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Power it up with add-on modules

  • Additional functionality
  • Time-saving features
  • Shortcuts and bulk processing
  • Even more insight
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ARCH Profile also offers several optional modules. These add-ons will add tremendous value to your basic ARCH Profile account. They provide additional information that allows you to make more informed decisions, and help you save time with shortcuts and bulk processing.

  • Coaching reports are a valuable addition (and a huge time-saver) for leadership or life coaches, recruiters, managers, and psychologists. Based on a person’s test results on the tests, a coaching report can be generated in order to identify training needs. The reports also offer practical advice and customized coaching exercises.  See more
  • Benchmarks: An indispensable tool in organizations of any size, benchmarks allow you to view a user's test results in the right context by providing norms for various groups/industries.  See more
  • Interview questions: Using the users' test results, this module will generate a set of suggested interview questions to probe deeper.  See more
  • Groups: Create ad-hoc groups to perform specific tasks in bulk.   See more
  • Comparisons: This add-on module will allow you to graphically compare and sort scores
    on each scale assessed, and can be used for both small and large groups of test-takers.
      See more
  • Data export: Use this module to export the numerical test results for all your test-takers into Excel.  See more

Add-ons are available individually or in practical packages for an annual subscription fee. Please, contact us for pricing information or ask us for a free "test drive".

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