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Basic Functionality

  • Intuitive user management
  • Efficient test assignment
  • Built-in email notification
  • Instant access to test reports
  • Multiple administrator access
  • Customizable interface
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When you sign up for ARCH Profile, we will set up an account for your company and create administrators for the account. Your interface can be customized by adding your company's logo and even changing the color scheme to fit with your corporate colors.

ARCH Profile has a multi-node structure with an infinite number of layers which allows administrator to create sub-accounts for their clients and additional sub-accounts for clients' divisions, departments or geographical units. There can be many system administrators, where each administrator is assigned a level of access and can view only his/her assigned assessment-takers' results.

ARCH Profile is comprised of two parts:

  1. The admin area allows the company administrators to perform a number of tasks directly within the portal:
    • add users
    • insert additional information about users (gender, preferred language, internal tracking number - and you can add up to three custom fields as well)
    • assign tests to users
    • select whether they can view their own results or not
    • send invitations, reminders and other notifications to users with their login information
    • gain instant access to assessment reports
    • store and retrieve past assessment reports
    • print the report and email the results to anyone
  2. The user area allows the test- taker to take her/his assigned tests and view the results
    if permitted.
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