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Job Analysis Matrix (JAM)

  • Pattern for perfect job fit
  • Systematic evaluation of job requirements
  • Objective criteria for selection
  • Increased objectivity with multiple raters
  • Clear list of KSAOs
  • Solid base for performance appraisals
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Woodworkers have a saying: "Measure twice, cut once." And while we are on idioms that capture universal wisdom, here is another one: "Two heads are better than one." So how do these apply
to HR?

When a position opens up in a company, we oftentimes dive right in and start actively looking for candidates to fill it. The question is, do we know precisely what we are looking for? When it comes to specific skills, hiring managers typically have a decent idea of what to look for. But how about less obvious, transferable skills? How about personality traits and attitudes? These factors frequently don't make it into the position's blueprint ... if there even is one.

In order to save time, many hiring officers take a shortcut - they model the position after the last person who held it (who may or may not have been a perfect fit), and essentially either look for a "clone" or a complete opposite (in order to compensate for the last candidate's failings). Whatever the case, the person in charge of hiring a replacement gives the position some thought and writes up a job description which tends to consist of a list of tasks and requirements. Sometimes, they include a generic list of traits, like willingness to learn, good communication skills, and self-motivation, but generally consider them less of a priority.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of room for error with this approach, and the errors propagate and set over time. Large companies typically have a process to ensure that they get the hiring pattern right, but most small and medium-size businesses simply fly by the seat of their pants. And shabby hiring patterns result in shabby fit.

This is where Job Analysis Matrix (JAM) comes in. Job analysis is one of the most important tools used by HR professionals. Job analysis results can be used for:

  • development of job description
  • creation of interview questions
  • selection of psychological tests and skill assessments
  • employee performance evaluation
  • training needs analysis

The JAM module is an online multirater system that allows you to systematically evaluate the position you are hiring for and identify the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other personality characteristics (KSAOs) required for the job. While you can perform a job analysis with a single rater, the reliability of the assessment improves if you can get several people who are familiar with the position to weigh in.

We offer two versions of JAM - Full and Lite. The full-flavored version takes longer to complete but provides a very detailed overview of all the KSAOs. The Lite version focuses on personality characteristics only.

The JAM report provides you with a list of the most relevant KSAOs along with a weighted score for each, based on the combined rating of all people who filled out the JAM. These scores are further broken down into rating of importance and expertise level needed. The opinion weights of the different raters, based on the respondent's familiarity with the job, are used to improve the precision of results.

Check out the sample report or contact us for more details.

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