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ARCH Profile is the industry leader in the area of professionally developed psychological assessments delivered online. Having stated that simple fact, what you most likely really want to know is, what can ARCH Profile do for me? To paraphrase a common expression; enough about us ... let's talk about you.

Whatever your expertise or role, ARCH Profile offers tests and system features that provide insight and awareness. Aside from nearly a hundred professionally developed tests (many of them job-specific assessments), ARCH Profile has many features to maximize the value you get from the assessments.

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, knowledgeable staff, and stellar customer service, ARCH Profile has the ability to answer all your assessment needs. Whether you want to cut recruitment costs, find the right candidate to fill a position, coach people to reach their full potential, reduce turnover, or collect data for market and psychological research, ARCH Profile can help you make it happen.

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