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  • Gain insight on a candidate's aptitude
  • Screen for issues
  • Improve quality of placements
  • Improve your reputation
  • Avoid replacement costs
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Finding top talent requires strong expertise. While most recruiters tend to have a good nose for sniffing out people who could be an asset to a company, they know that it takes more than this instinct to find a diamond in the rough. A potential candidate may look good on paper in terms of achievements and skill set, but personality is often a subtle nuance that requires more in-depth tools to explore. This is where psychological assessments can help.

Being able to successfully match a candidate's personality with a company's culture has several benefits:

  • Candidates will be more satisfied with their job because their values will be in line with the company's, their motivational needs will be met, and their personality will complement the work atmosphere.
  • A greater understanding of a candidate's skill set and personality will bring added value to employers during the onboarding process. They will know which managerial style an employee will thrive under, which areas are their strengths, and which skills will need to be developed further.
  • Finding the right person the first time around reduces company costs. If a person doesn't work out they will need to be replaced, and often at the expense of the recruiter.
  • Using psychological assessments that have been scientifically-validated can increase a recruiter's credibility.
  • Successfully matching a candidate to a company can boost a recruiter's reputation, making repeat business and referrals easier to obtain.
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The website is extremely user friendly and easy to manipulate, but if there were any questions about a process all I have ever had to do was contact them and got my questions answered in a timely manner.

Amy Landreneau
Specialty Recruiter
Snelling Staffing Services