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HR Professionals

Today's job seekers have learned all the right things to say and write in order to impress a potential employer. Their CVs look similar and in the interview, their responses can sometimes sound so rehearsed.

One of the best ways to get a clearer picture about a candidate's personality, values and attitudes is through a personality evaluation.  Learn more.

Therapists and Life Coaches

Psychological assessments are a key tool in many therapies, offering insightful information to aid therapists and provide their clients with the best help possible. ARCH Profile can provide you with a reliable, cost-effective tool to assess patients before, during, and after intervention.  Learn more.

Coaches and Consultants

When you come into an organization as a coach or consultant, you need to quickly and thoroughly evaluate the company's situation and make sound recommendations. Our tests can help you get an inside look on how the company is managed and organized, and highlight areas that strongly require your expertise.  Learn more.


Finding top talent requires strong expertise. ARCH Profile provides recruiters with an invaluable tool to assess potential candidates and as a result, increase your success rate and credibility.   Learn more.

Athletic Organizations

Sports are as much a psychological game as they are a physical one. Athletes, coaches, and scouts know that if a player isn't mentally-prepared, their performance will be significantly impacted. ARCH Profile can provide you with valid and reliable tests that assess traits that are conducive to athletic success, helping you determine an athlete's mental strengths and areas that need development.  Learn more.

Bariatric Clinics

Pre-operative psychological evaluation of bariatric surgery candidates is essential to mitigate risks of relapse and to determine the patient's readiness for a surgical weight loss program. The SWLPS assessment is an objective and validated tool loaded with essential information specific to surgical weight loss.  Learn more.


If you are in the field of HR, management or business consulting, or work for a staffing or head-hunting company, you can become a reseller. There are no quotas to meet, no hidden fees, no fine print, no training/certification fees. Even if you don't want to focus on reselling our tests in your business activities, you can add ARCH Profile to your arsenal of tools.  Learn more.

Custom Solutions

Do you have an exciting idea for a unique assessment, quiz, or new application but are not sure how to make it a reality? Over the years, PsychTests earned a reputation for credibility, reliability and innovation. We are always on the lookout for fresh concepts and would be more than happy to discuss any novel ideas you may have for custom developed content.  Learn more.


Whether you are interested in any of our pre-existing tests or require something created especially for your organization, our expertise in development scientifically-based psychological assessments guarantees that our content will drive traffic and generate interest for your website or publication.  Learn more.

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