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Power it up with add-on modules

  • Get group averages and range
  • Compare test-takers to each other
  • Compare test-takers to benchmarks
  • Filter and sort by scores
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Comparisons & Scorecards

Imagine the convenience of being able to compare different candidates' scores in one report - ARCH Profile can make it happen.

Individual Comparisons - Compare the test scores of two or more individuals on different skills and traits. Whether you want to compare job candidates to determine who would best fit a job position, find out which of your employees is best-suited for a promotion, or determine who has the best communication, leadership, risk-taking or whatever skill you want to isolate, ARCH Profile's functionality will allow you to do so. You can also:

  • Add benchmarks to compare each group to - either those set by the general population, a specific industry (e.g. sales, IT, marketing), or create your own custom benchmarks.
  • Create an aggregate or average score for each group and either compare them to the average of another group or to your desired benchmarks.
Comparison report example
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