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Power it up with add-on modules

  • Compare test-takers to benchmarks
  • Use ready-to-use industry benchmarks
  • Create custom benchmarks
  • "Clone" your top performers
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Coaching Reports

Devoting resources to employee development is an investment that comes back tenfold. Aside from the fact that coaching helps good employees reach their full potential (and gives under-performing ones the tools they need to improve), companies who make employee development a priority are more likely to attract, and keep, top talent. A highly skilled staff is also correlated with higher productivity, better morale, engagement, and job satisfaction, all of which also have positive effect on the bottom line. This is why many companies invest in coaching services: Not only are employees happier, it has a huge ROI, and thus makes perfect business sense.

After a test-taker completes an assessment, a downloadable coaching report in PDF format can be generated, with or without benchmarks. Coaching reports are a valuable addition (and a huge time-saver) for leadership or life coaches, recruiters, managers, and psychologists. They help you to identify training/coaching needs, and offer plenty of easy-to-use content to share with the employee or client.

Each report includes the following information:

  • Graphical results of the test-taker’s scores for each of the scales, with the option to add general, industry, or custom benchmarks
  • Operational definitions for each of the scales
  • A narrative synopsis of the test-taker’s scores
  • Coaching tips and a coaching exercise tailored the test-taker’s performance
Coaching report example
Download a coaching report sample. Coaching report example
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