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Have a look at some of the latest news concerning ARCH Profile. Past or present, our press-releases provide a window into some of the most interesting and informative research and developments Psychtests' has conducted over the years.

Are you a Lounger, Dreamer, Plodder, or Go-Getter? Achieving your New Year's resolutions depends on your personality
2024-01-05  PRWEB

A study looks at how personality influences whether you will be able to attain your goals for 2024.

Can you laugh your stress away? New study examines looks at the cathartic benefits of humor
2023-08-30  PRWEB

It might seem odd, if not difficult, to laugh when it feels like your world is falling apart, but a study by the researchers at reveals that humor can be an amazingly effective stress-reliever.

Mind Over What's the Matter: New study examines the benefits of using visualization to deal with stress
2023-08-15  PRWEB

Visualization is not just for gurus anymore. A study of the general population reveals that people who use visualization to manage stressful situations experience a number of other benefits.

Should companies have separate sick days for stress? A study shows that 44% of people take sick days due to stress
2023-07-26  PRWEB

The negative physical impact of too much stress is well known, but a study from indicates that it can get so bad that it compels people to take time off from work, particularly individuals who lack effective coping skills.

Should I stay or should I go? - New study explores the mentality of working for the same company until retirement
2022-07-29  [PRWEB]

People who prefer seeking greener pastures rather than sticking with the same employer for their entire career are more likely to have a negative work attitude, limited self-control, and a hunger for reward and recognition.

Is working from home all it's cracked up to be? - New study explores what people love and hate about remote work
2022-07-02  [PRWEB]

Zoom meetings aren't the only reason why people dislike working from home, and getting to wear pajamas isn't the only upside. A study from examines the advantages and drawbacks of the work-from-home phenomenon.

Climbing the career ladder and then sneaking out the window? - New study explores the impact of ambition on quitting tendencies
2022-06-18  [PRWEB]

Although some managers are reluctant to hire ambitious people for fear that they will leave for greener pastures, a study by indicates that it's the unambitious ones who are more likely to skip out.

COVID-19 Perspectives Then and Now - New study looks at how attitudes and feelings about the pandemic have changed
2022-05-31  [PRWEB]

A recent study from the researchers at reveals that for the most part, negative feelings surrounding the pandemic have actually worsened since 2020.

How honest is the average person? - New study explores people's views of morality and likelihood of feeling remorse for wrongdoing
2022-05-14  [PRWEB]

If you accidentally dented someone's car late at night, would you leave a note? Would you feel bad for stealing a promotion-worthy idea? Researchers at PsychTests put people on the moral hotseat.

Obedience can come at a personal cost - New study digs into the personality of people who unquestionably follow orders
2022-03-26  [PRWEB]

A recent study from reveals that people who reluctantly but willingly do what they are told are more likely to struggle with confidence issues, to be uncomfortable expressing their feelings, and to crave approval.

Paper-thin Principles: New study looks at the emotional and psychological disadvantage of going against one's ethical code
2022-01-23  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who contravene their convictions tend to have self-esteem issues, trust issues, and are less satisfied with their lives.

The Dark Depths of Self-doubt: New study looks into the extensive and damaging effects of not trusting yourself
2021-09-18  [PRWEB]

A recent study by indicates that people who experience frequent self-doubt not only distrust their skills, they also have an extremely pessimistic attitude, struggle to express their feelings, and have a deep sense of self-loathing.

Veni, Vidi, Vici - New Study Looks at the Personality of People Who Would Prefer To Win an Argument Rather Than Compromise
2021-07-31  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who would rather win an argument than find a mutually beneficial solution are more likely to have control issues, to struggle with rumination, and to be uncomfortable with emotions in general.

The Pedantic Critic: New study looks at the motive behind nitpicking other people's mistakes
2021-07-28  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who make it a point to call attention to others' mistakes tend to struggle with major insecurities.

How Acts of Kindness Define Us: New Study Delves into the Minds of Good Samaritans
2021-06-02  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who commit small acts of kindness are not just empathetic - they are also more likely to be resilient, good at resolving conflict, and have high self-esteem.

Two Perceptions Are Better Than One - New Study Looks At Advantages of Being Self-Aware and Other-Aware
2021-04-26  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who possess a good understanding of human nature and of themselves excel at regulating their emotions, resolving conflict, managing stress, and adapting to different social situations.

Reliance On Extrinsic Incentives - New Study Finds That A Need For Praise Can Make People Apathetic
2021-04-14  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that too much reliance on extrinsic incentives such as praise, recognition, and approval can breed apathy.

Reluctant Kindness - New Study Looks at the Motives Behind Excessively Self-Sacrificing Altruism
2021-03-29  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who willingly but resentfully put others' needs first lack more than the courage to say "No".

I Think, Therefore I Am...Loved - New Study Looks At Benefits of Self-Awareness on Relationship Satisfaction
2021-03-15  [PRWEB]

According to a recent study by, self-awareness - a conscious understanding of one's needs, desires, motivations, feelings, and values - leads to happier and more harmonious personal relationships.

Head vs. Heart - New Study Looks At The Advantages of Listening to Both Thoughts and Feelings
2021-03-01  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who use both rational thinking and feelings/gut instinct to navigate through life are at a much greater advantage than those who rely solely on logic or emotions.

Emotional Lockdown - New Study Looks At Why People Hate Sharing Their Feelings
2021-02-23  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who shun emotional disclosure tend to do so for a number of reasons, including the fear of ridicule, or being seen as vulnerable and weak.

The Power of Vulnerability - New Study Looks At The Advantages of Showing One's Weaknesses
2021-02-02  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who are comfortable being vulnerable and willing to admit their flaws are happier, more optimistic, and have higher self-esteem than those who don't.

Feeding On Failure - New Study Looks At The Value of Messing Up
2021-01-18  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who embrace failure - and the wisdom, motivation, and resilience it provides - have significant advantage over those who don't, including higher self-esteem, better coping skills, and a lower need for approval.

Dump The "Go with the flow" Philosophy in 2021 - New Study Looks At The Benefits of Planning Ahead
2020-12-21  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who plan ahead are more self-motivated, resilient, and optimistic than people who take things as they come.

Be More Like Santa - New Study Looks At The Unexpected Benefits of Being A Giver
2020-12-20  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who regularly do nice things for others tend to be more optimistic, resilient, and confident than people who don't.

An Ardor for Approval - New study looks at the drawbacks of a need to be liked
2020-11-28  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that wanting to be universally liked is not only superfluous, it's also detrimental to mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Sorry, Not Sorry - New Study Indicates That Remorse Not Enough to Deter Dishonesty
2020-11-09  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people show regret about their transgressions - yet continue to commit them - are more deceitful, manipulative, and narcissistic than people who do not have any remorse.

Peering Through The Smokescreen - New study uncovers the hidden vulnerabilities of narcissists
2020-09-29  [PRWEB]

A recent study by indicates that people who display narcissistic tendencies may do so in order to mask a low sense of self-worth, and desperate need for validation.

A World That Cares - New Study Hints At A Shift To More People-Oriented Values
2020-09-21  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people value relationships, altruism, and ethics more than power, recognition, and financial security.

A Silver Lining Is Worth Its Weight in Gold - New study looks at the psychological, emotional, and social advantages of looking on the bright side
2020-08-30  [PRWEB]

A recent study by indicates that people who strive to look for the bright side in a negative situation are happier, more resilient, and have stronger self-esteem than those who don't.

Mine! Mine! Mine! - New Study Indicates That Entitlement Can Lead to Dishonesty
2020-08-18  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that self-entitled adults will resort to deceitful behaviors in order in order to get what they want.

Manly Tears - New study looks at personality differences between men who cry and those who don't
2020-08-04  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that men who allow themselves to cry are more resilient, assertive, and satisfied with their life.

Pandemic Priorities: Study indicates that valuing wealth over health comes at a psychological cost
2020-07-29  [PRWEB]

A study conducted by reveals that people who value their money over their well-being are more likely to be struggling to cope with the stress of the COVID-19 crisis.

Hoarding Supplie And Feelings: New Study Indicates That A Hoard Mentality During A Crisis Does Not Dispel Fear And Stress
2020-07-02  [PRWEB]

A new study conducted by reveals that people who believe hoarding food and supplies is the way to survive a pandemic are, in fact, no better off than those who don't, at least on an emotional level.

Pandemic Positivity: Study Indicates That "Realistic Optimists" Are Coping Best With The Covid Lockdown
2020-06-16  [PRWEB]

A study conducted by reveals that optimism will help people adapt to the pandemic with a greater sense of ease, but it must be tempered with a realistic attitude.

Staying Strong: New study sheds light on the characteristics of resilient people
2020-06-03  [PRWEB]

Living in a COVID kind of world requires strength and fortitude. But how does a person develop resilience and stay strong in uncertain times? A new study by sheds some light on this topic.

Pandemic Perspectives - New Study Sheds Light On People's Attitude Towards The COVID-19 Crisis
2020-05-12  [PRWEB]

#COVIDIOTS aside, recent statistics released by reveal that the majority of people are taking the pandemic seriously, and are cautiously optimistic about the future.

Pandemic Resilience Test Insights - New Study Looks At The World's Battle Of Wits With COVID-19
2020-04-28  [PRWEB]

Recent statistics released by based on their Pandemic Resilience Test reveals that while people are doing the best they can to adapt to the current circumstances, it has taken a psychological toll.

Image Launches The "Pandemic Resilience Test" To Assess Grit And Ability To Cope With The COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-04-08  [PRWEB]

Online testing experts at release a free test that evaluates an individual's psychological health during the COVID-19 crisis, identifies vulnerabilities, and offers practical tips to boost mental toughness.

Know Thyself - New Study Looks At The Benefits Of Self-Awareness in Difficult Times
2020-04-08  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who are self-aware are more resilient, more in touch with their emotions, better at resolving conflict, and are happier.

Perfect Little Women - New Study Looks At The Pervasive Effects of The Perceived Need to be Flawless
2020-03-09  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that while perfectionistic tendencies tend to decrease with age, each generation still struggles to live up to personal and social standards.

Shying Away From The Spotlight - New Study Hints at Why Some People Can't Accept Compliments
2020-02-24  [PRWEB]

While modesty may play a role, a recent study by reveals that a tendency to shirk praise is associated with low self-esteem, pessimism, and a general dissatisfaction with life.

How to Stay Together Forever - New Study Reveals The Top Ten Factors That Impact Relationship Satisfaction
2020-02-10  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that having partner with complementary personality differences, similar values, who shows appreciation, and fulfills emotional needs is the gateway to a truly happy relationship.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - New Study Reveals That Distrust Breeds Dishonesty, And Vice Versa
2020-02-03  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who refuse to trust others have a greater likelihood of being untrustworthy themselves.

A Small, Optimistic Step Into A New Year - New Study Reveals The Benefits Of Developing A More Positive Attitude
2020-01-13  [PRWEB]

According to research from, aside from losing weight, eating better, and quitting that bad habit, here's another resolution to add to the list: Strive to be a little more positive.

The Three Scrooges - Research elves at unmask a trio of Christmas Cranks
2020-01-03  [PRWEB]

Ebenezer wasn't the only one. A study carried out by has uncovered three different types of scrooges who will try to siphon your Christmas spirit.

Tarnished Triumphs - New Study Looks at the Emotionally Corrosive Effect of Impostor Syndrome
2019-12-09  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that "Impostor Syndrome", characterized by a tendency to trivialize one's achievements and a fear of being exposed as a fraud, stems from fragile self-esteem, as well as a host of other deep-seated issues.

When a Train of Thoughts Goes Off the Rails - New Study Delves Into the Minds of Extreme Ruminators
2019-11-29  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that, along with wayward thoughts and obsessive over-thinking, ruminators struggle with self-esteem issues, a pessimistic outlook, and a lack of resilience.

Goodbye "Strong, Silent" Type, Hello "Strong, Expressive" Type: Study Reveals the Appeal of Feeling-Sharers
2019-11-11  [PRWEB]

A new study by reveals that people who talk about their feelings are kinder, more sociable, and refreshingly authentic. Contrary to popular opinion, they are also more self-confident and assertive than their non-expressive counterparts.

Hugology - New Study Compares The Personality of Affectionate and Unaffectionate People
2019-10-28  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that people who are comfortable being affectionate are also kinder, more likeable, and more confident.

The Paranormal Profiles: New Study Probes Into People Who Believe in Ghosts
2019-10-16  [PRWEB]

A recent study by reveals that individuals who are convinced of the existence of ghosts also tend to believe in destiny, karma, heaven and hell, and psychic phenomena.

The Power of Love: New Study Reveals That Being Loved Is More Advantageous Than Being Feared
2019-09-24  [PRWEB]

A recent study by and reveals that people who try to gain respect through fear - instead of earning it by being kind and caring - are often trying to compensate for, and perhaps even hide, major weaknesses.

The Beauty of Guts - New Study Looks at People Who Listen to Their "Spidey Sense"
2019-09-09  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that people who listen to their intuition are more resilient, confident, and creative than people who don't.

Unmasking Trolls - PsychTests' Study Reveals That Insensitive People Lack Social & Emotional Competencies
2019-08-29  [PRWEB]

A new study by reveals that a tendency to be insensitive, a common trait of online trolls, is mired in issues that go beyond plain old discourtesy.

It Wasn't My Fault - New Study Looks At Why People Hate Admitting Mistakes
2019-08-19  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that people who are uncomfortable acknowledging their blunders tend to be perfectionists with deep-seated self-esteem issues, and a need to be liked.

The Multifaceted Ugliness of Greed - Study Reveals More Reasons Why Selfish People Are Annoying
2019-07-29  [PRWEB]

As if being selfish wasn't bad enough, a new study by and reveals that self-serving people are also inauthentic, impulsive, and pretty bad at controlling their temper.

All Is Well: New Study By Reveals Unexpected Advantages Of Optimism
2019-07-22  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that optimists experience a number of benefits as a result of their outlook, including better job performance and a lower likelihood of depression.

Loving Yourself To Health - New Study Looks At Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Obesity, And Weight Loss Practices
2019-07-03  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that people who are obese but who also have high self-esteem are more likely to strive to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

Not Tough Love, but Tough and Loving - Study Reveals That Authoritative Fathering Leads to Respectful Kids
2019-06-10  [PRWEB]

A new study by reveals that fathers who use a firm but loving parenting style are more likely to instill a sense of individuality, confidence, and respect in their children.

The Athletic Mind - New Study Reveals Top 6 Traits of Aspiring Athletes
2019-05-28  [PRWEB]

A new study by looking at the psychological make-up of athletes in team sports reveals certain key attributes, including mental toughness and perseverance.

Tomboy Woman, Rebel Mom - New Study Reveals Parenting Differences Between Traditional and Modern Moms
2019-05-13  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that women who had tomboyish tendencies as a child are more likely to adopt modern gender role beliefs regarding how they raise their children.

Like Me, Like Me Not - New Study Looks At The Motives Behind A Need For Approval
2019-05-10  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that people who think it's important to be liked by everyone tend to be compelled by a lack of self-love.

The Validity Of The "Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It" Philosophy
2019-05-10  [PRWEB]

A new study by indicates that displaying self-confidence even when we doubt ourselves can buffer the effects of low inner self-confidence.

Of Mountains and Molehills: New Study Looks At The Personality Of Whiners
2019-04-08  (PRWEB)

A new study by indicates that people who make a big deal of minor annoyances struggle with major issues like poor conflict-resolution skills and shaky self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-motivation.

Remorseful For Every Morsel - New Study Looks At The Psychological Complexities Of Food Guilt
2019-04-08  (PRWEB)

A new study by indicates that people who feel guilty about their eating habits are more likely to be struggling with a number of other psychological issues.

A Means To A Selfish End - New Study Looks At How Narcissism Impacts Honesty
2019-02-23  (PRWEB)

A new study by indicates that narcissists will lie, manipulate, and bend the rules in order to get what they want.

Cupid Hath Spoken - Releases Results Of Their Love & Sex Polls
2019-02-12  (PRWEB)

Are you in love? Would you live in a foreign country to be with your partner? (by visitors cast their votes on everything from commitment to premarital sex.

A Chip On A Muscular Shoulder: New Study Reveals Traditional Men Obsess About Manliness
2019-01-29  (PRWEB)

A new study by indicates that men who feel the need to prove their masculinity are more likely to have traditional gender role views, and are less comfortable with their manhood.

Make Resolutions That Matter: New Survey Reveals Life Factors That Influence Contentment
2019-01-08  (PRWEB)

It's easy to focus on the aspects of our lives that we are unhappy with, but it's much harder to take the necessary steps to improve them.

The Versatile Santa. New Study Looks At: The Multifaceted Personality Of Givers
2018-12-19  (PRWEB)

You need to have achieved a state of emotional maturity, security, and empathy in order to step into someone else's shoes and find a gift that will resonate with them.

Is Turnover A Generational Thing? New Study Reveals: Why Millennials, Gen X, & Boomers Quit Their Job
2018-12-11  (PRWEB)

Some people are willing to do anything to reach the top of the ladder, including sucking up to the boss, stealing credit for good ideas, gossiping or spreading rumors, as well as backstabbing and lying.

From Neglect To Burnout: New Study Emphasizes Importance of Employee Appreciation.
2018-11-28  (PRWEB)

If we know that symptoms of burnout are more likely to be found in people who feel unappreciated at work, then it stands to reason showing genuine appreciation could have a positive impact on staff morale.

Fragile Ego-Trip - New Study Reveals Factors Behind Control Issues in Relationships
2018-11-12  (PRWEB)

We control out of fear. What many people don't realize, however, is that it's not about losing someone we love but rather, losing that feeling of being loved, that feeling of belonging, of value, of contentment.

The Leap Of Faith - New Study Finds that Having Faith in a Higher Power Coincides With Other Paranormal Beliefs
2018-10-29  (PRWEB)

For some, it's pretty much a mathematical certainty that there has to be life on other planets. What this study has shown is that having an open-mind can be powerful, because it opens you up to endless and exciting possibilities.

Not Good Enough: New Study Reveals Young People More Likely To Be Perfectionists
2018-10-11  (PRWEB)

Many younger people are inundated with the message that they are hopelessly flawed if they don't look or dress in a specific way, possess certain luxuries, get good grades, get into a good school, make a lot of money, etc.

The Thoughtlessness Of Overthinking: New Study Reveals The Disadvantages Of Extreme Rumination
2018-09-22  (PRWEB)

The basis of poor self-esteem is an inability to recognize one's value and power. If a person has low self-esteem, there's a good chance he or she is also going to be a ruminator.

Recluse No More: New Study Reveals The Many Sides of Individualists
2018-09-08  (PRWEB)

Individualists are very happy with their lives. These are not hermits or loners; these are people who will not allow anyone to dictate how they should think, feel, behave, and live.

The Lost Boys: Study Reveals Young Men Struggle Emotionally and Socially
2018-08-25  (PRWEB)

If we don't teach our boys, how to express and manage their feelings they will end up struggling with major emotional and social issues, like shyness, anxiety, depression, hostility, and an inability to cope with stress.

Logic vs. Emotions: Study Reveals The Benefits Of Following One's Heart
2018-08-18  (PRWEB)

Logic and emotions are not enemies, they are two sides of the same coin, both offering valuable insights to help us live a happy, well-rounded life.

Unforgiving...and Dishonest: Study Looks Into Factors That Impact Willingness to Forgive
2018-07-28  (PRWEB)

Holding on to ill feelings will sap your sense of joy and peace of mind. It's a waste of emotional energy, and serves no purpose but to remind you of the past. The only way to let go of the pain is to learn to forgive.

"I Don't Deserve Love" Study Reveals The Destructive Impact Of A Lack Of Self-Worth
2018-07-08  (PRWEB)

Those who believe they are unworthy of love are not being modest, stoic, or poetic; they are denying themselves a fundamental need that all humans crave.

Self-Controlled vs. Emotionally Constipated: Study Reveals The Drawbacks Of A Lack Of Emotional Expression
2018-06-23  (PRWEB)

We often go on and on about the dangers of a lack of self-control or of impulsiveness, but the fact of the matter is that keeping your feelings inside can be just as unhealthy.

Sink or Swim: Study Reveals Children's Reaction to Failure Influenced By Parents
2018-06-09  (PRWEB)

Children reared with an authoritative parenting approach tend to be happier, more confident, ambitious, and perseverant. Tough love may work under certain extreme circumstances, but it shouldn't be a parent's sole approach.

The Awkward Teenage Years...And Beyond: Study Reveals That a Lack of Tact is Worse Than a Lack of Popularity
2018-05-26  (PRWEB)

In this day and age of trolling, where people feel free to voice hatred and venomous insults from behind the safety of their computer screens, it's refreshing to know that for many people, tact is still considered important.

Optimist, pessimist, or realist: Study Looks At Advantages & Disadvantages Of Different Outlooks
2018-05-12  (PRWEB)

Even those who always look on the bright side of life are not oblivious to the darkness. They recognize that life can be filled with trials and tribulations...they just hold onto the hope that one day, things will get better.

Book Smarts vs. People Smarts: New Study Reveals Why EQ May Matter More Than IQ
2018-04-28  (PRWEB)

People may be able to get a decent job relying on their book smarts, but it doesn't guarantee a rewarding professional life. EQ enhances the life experience, and may even be able to compensate for a less than stellar IQ.

Early Life Crisis: New Study Reveals Alarming Trends In Mental Health Of Youth
2018-04-16  (PRWEB)

Children who should be out having fun and enjoying their life are thinking about putting an end to it all. This is more than a cry for attention: It's a desperate plea for help.

The Multiplicity of Empathy: Study Reveals Both Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Benefits of Being Empathetic
2018-03-31  (PRWEB)

The ability to perceive other people's emotions starts with being able to identify and reflect on your own feelings. If you lack empathy, you're more likely to have trouble connecting and getting along with others.

From the Inner World to Outer: PsychTests Study Reveals How Intrapersonal Emotional Intelligence Plays a Role in Popularity
2018-03-10  (PRWEB)

Likeable individuals are popular because they know how to interact in social situations, but it's also because they conduct themselves with decorum and poise, and it is EQ that plays a major role in this.

Single & Happy on Valentine's Day: Study Reveals Singlehood is not Synonymous with Discontent
2018-02-27  (PRWEB)

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, but it should not be limited to romantic relationships. The relationship you have with yourself is just as important.

The Self-Esteem Age Gap: New Study Reveals Young Women Still Struggling With Self-Worth
2018-02-27  (PRWEB)

Self-esteem must be established at a very young age. It is really the core of who women are, and is the basis from which they make every decision.

Surviving And Thriving: Study Looks What It Means to be Mentally Tough
2018-01-31  (PRWEB)

Going through tough times can be to our advantage. We learn to be resilient and we learn new information and skills that will help us with any hardship we may face in the future.

What's Eating The Eater: New Study Reveals Most Common Emotional Eating Triggers
2018-01-13  (PRWEB)

Emotional eaters don't consume junk food simply because it tastes better than vegetables; they do so because this type of comfort food makes them feel better.

New Year, New Approach: New Study Reveals What It Takes To Achieve Resolutions
2017-12-18  (PRWEB)

If you've been reintroducing the same resolutions every year for the past couple of years and have made little progress, it's time to take a critical look at your goal-setting approach.

Santa, Scrooge or somewhere in between: New Study Reveals Most People Are Givers... With A Catch, Of Course
2017-12-09  (PRWEB)

Most people are willing to be generous, but if you take advantage of their good nature, they will cut you off. The majority of givers will not tolerate someone who takes and takes but offers little in return.

Humpty-Dumpty Dignity: How Narcissists Keep Their Delicate Outer Shell Intact
2017-11-27  (PRWEB)

People characterized by distinct traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder struggle with severe self-esteem issues. It is a tiring and draining endeavor, emotionally and psychologically, or like wearing a mask all the time.

Coping Through Escapism: New Study Reveals How Today's Youth Deals With Stress
2017-11-11  (PRWEB)

While most individuals may struggle to cope with a stressful problem, they will compel themselves to face it eventually. The use of distraction, however, particularly in younger age groups, is a concern.

Ghosts, Aliens, And Apocalyptic Destruction: Top 10 Superstitions That Refuse To Die
2017-10-29  (PRWEB)

Paranormal belief is still strong is because we now have specialized equipment that allows us to explore the unknown. It's precisely the unknown nature of what we call the 'paranormal' that draws us in.

Lone Wolf, Lone Sheep: New Study Reveals Why Some Of The Best - And Worst - Employees Hate Teamwork
2017-10-14  (PRWEB)

Top-performing "lone wolf" employees may prefer solo projects because they have more control over the outcome, and don't have to deal with incompetent slackers.

Power Does Not Need To Corrupt: New Study Reveals That Power-Hunger Is Not Always Negative
2017-09-30  (PRWEB)

A drive to acquire power can itself be driven by a desire to do good. It's the motivation behind the desire for power that matters.

The Renaissance Personality: New Study Reveals Characteristics Of People Who Love Change
2017-09-16  (PRWEB)

The main reason why we avoid change is fear: The fear of not being able to cope, of losing the comfort of familiarity, of ambiguity and the unknown, of pushing our boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zone.

Of Little White Lies & Generation Y: New Study Reveals Generational Differences in Honesty
2017-08-15  (PRWEB)

Compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X, Millennials have a more lenient attitude toward dishonest behavior; however, they still uphold relatively high moral ground.

Blurring The Lines That Matter: New Study Reveals No Generational Gap In Values
2017-08-05  (PRWEB)

Very little has changed since WWII, in the sense that people from that generation and those who came later still place more emphasis on the importance of 'wholesome' values.

The Emotional Age Gap: New Study Reveals Young Men Still Battling Their Feelings
2017-07-15  (PRWEB)

Anger can often mask emotions that men are unwilling to show. It's time that we stop sending mixed messages to men about the appropriateness of their emotions, and allow them to express what they really feel.

Doesn't Play Well With Others: New Study Reveals Top Teamwork Pet Peeves
2017-06-24  (PRWEB)

The teamwork experience doesn't appeal to everyone, and in some cases, for good reason. Concerns about having to work on a team leaves some employees wishing they could fly solo.

The Subjectivity Of Honesty: New Study Reveals Gender Differences In Views of Dishonesty
2017-06-17  (PRWEB)

Men are more likely to justify acts of dishonesty, but this decreases with age, and younger age groups(both genders) are more likely to justify certain acts of dishonesty, or to believe that they are not a big deal.

Ego Boost, Ego Bust: New Study Examines How Self-Esteem Affects Attitudes Toward Power
2017-05-27  (PRWEB)

Power comes with great responsibility; it takes a good dose of humility for those in a position of power to stay grounded and maintain perspective.

Alike, Yet Different: New Study Compares Work Values of Top vs. Poor Performers
2017-05-06  (PRWEB)

It's important to hire someone who has values that are compatible with those of the organization, and who can adhere to them. A person who forsakes their values too easily isn't likely to adopt your company's values.

Too Thin, Too Big: Neither Feels Good Enough. New Study Reveals Personal Struggles Of The Unhealthy
2017-04-22  (PRWEB)

Weight issues always point to a deeper psychological issue that isn't being dealt with.

Bad Breeding Bad: New Study Reveals Impact Of Unreliable Managers On At-Risk Employees
2017-04-08  (PRWEB)

Employees who are at risk for dishonest actions could be spurred on by poor treatment from management.

The Cerberus Effect: New Study Reveals Three Underlying Factors
2017-03-25  (PRWEB)

The basis of body image issues may be found in 3 factors: Attitude toward food, ability to deal with stress, and a lack of protective personality traits.

Emotional Intelligence & Mental Health: New Study Finds Link Between EQ Traits, Depression, & Anxiety
2017-03-04  (PRWEB)

Emotional intelligence is about developing a better relationship not just with others, but with ourselves.

When Fighting Means "I Love You": New Study Reveals The Importance of Arguing
2017-02-14  (PRWEB)

One would assume that a person who never gets into arguments must have great communication skills and an abundant amount of patience, but this isn't always the case.

Born To Be Wild?: New Study Reveals Impact Of Parenting Style On Honesty
2017-02-04  (PRWEB)

Excessively strict, permissive, or neglectful parenting can have a negative impact on a child's view of right and wrong - even as an adult.

The Good, The Honorable, The Ethical: New Study Reveals Traits That Promote Honest Behavior
2017-01-21  (PRWEB)

Dishonesty on the job can be reduced if hiring managers look for specific "protective" traits that bolster good behavior.

Here's What Matters For 2017: Top Five Personal Values Revealed By New Online Study
2017-01-07  (PRWEB)

People are forgoing egocentric values and embracing the types of values that will help them achieve greater unity and harmony.

It's An Emotional IQ Kind of Christmas: New Study Reveals Five Key Traits To Develop This Holiday Season
2016-12-17  (PRWEB)

The holidays are generally a joyful time, but it can also turn into a free-for-all where people hash out their differences.

Modern Day Machiavellians: New Study Looks Into The Dark Side of Empathy
2016-12-10  (PRWEB)

Machiavellians know how to play people. They can tug at the heart-strings and stab someone in the back without thinking twice if it means advancing their own agenda.

Office Pollution: New PsychTests Study Looks Into The Core Traits of Toxic Employees
2016-11-26  (PRWEB)

Accomplishments and good grades may indicate ambition and discipline, for example, but they won't tell you whether a person is tactful, kind, or a team player.

Inside The Mind Of A Politician: New Study Reveals Values of Aspiring Politicians
2016-11-10  (PRWEB)

When every move you make is judged by millions of people who will condemn you if you take one step out of line, you better have someone strong at the helm with a good head on his or her shoulders.

Karma Dolls vs. Little Green Guys: New Study Reveals Gender Differences In Paranormal Beliefs
2016-10-31  (PRWEB)

Women are more likely than men to believe in the unseen, but men are not closing the paranormal door entirely.

No Rest For The Powerless: New Study Reveals The Role of Job Control In Burnout
2016-09-24  (PRWEB)

Employees need to feel that they have a say in what happens at work, especially if management makes decisions that directly impact them.

It Takes More Than A Smile: New Study Reveals Top 10 Traits All Customer Service Reps Need
2016-09-10  (PRWEB)

No matter how good a product is, it's customer service that can make or break a company. This is why it's so important for companies to pay special attention to the type of representatives they hire.

Beware the Disgruntled Employee: New Study Reveals Job Dissatisfaction Could Lead to Dishonesty
2016-08-27  (PRWEB)

Keeping employees engaged and satisfied may not prevent all unsavory behaviors, but a commitment to the company would compel them to think twice.

The Money: New Study Reveals That Greed Does Not Always Motivate Desire For Financial Reward
2016-08-06  (PRWEB)

Employees who list money as one of their top motivators do not rely solely on financial reward to fan their flames of productivity.

There's The Best, Then There's The Rest: Study Reveals The Characteristics of Good Leaders
2016-07-09  (PRWEB)

In a position of authority, you are responsible for the success of your entire team, and you will be the first person people will point fingers at when things go wrong.

Bet Low, Lose High: New Study Reveals The Psychological Basis Of Low Self-Expectations
2016-06-25  (PRWEB)

People who set low expectations are their own worst enemy. They are not setting the bar low because they want to test themselves, but rather because they see the path to success as a minefield of problems.

When Too Much Is Enough: New Study Uncovers Risk Factors For Burnout
2016-06-11  (PRWEB)

Certain work factors can increase vulnerability to burnout - factors that can actually be reduced or managed. When employees are exposed to stressors on a regular basis, their well-being is put at risk.

Emotional Intelligence And The Medical Profession: How EQ Plays A Role In Both Patient's And Doctor's Well-being
2016-05-28  (PRWEB)

When you work in a profession where you deal with trauma and death, you need to be able to cope with the emotions that arise as a result, and this is where EQ also plays a major role.

The Integrity Crossroad: New Study Reveals The Potential Repercussions Of Working In A Dishonest Job Environment
2016-05-14  (PRWEB)

Being exposed to dishonest behavior can be corrosive, and cause certain vulnerable individuals to become more tolerant of deceit and dishonesty.

Valiant or Vindictive : New Study Offers Insight Into How Employees Respond To Criticism
2016-04-30  (PRWEB)

Employees who are unable to take criticism not only limit their potential, they also increase their chances of repeating the same mistakes and failures over and over because they refuse to change the way they work.

Turn Away From The Dark Side: New Study Reveals The Importance Of Wielding Power With Empathy
2016-04-16  (PRWEB)

What we value says a lot about the kind of person we are, along with the kind of career we pursue, the type of people we become friends with, and how we treat our fellow humans and animals.

Superhuman Caregivers: New Study Uncovers The Distinct Personality Profile of Nurses
2016-03-20  (PRWEB)

As if saving lives isn't enough, nurses also make it a point to commit acts of kindness on a regular basis.

I Am Woman And Will Roar If I Want To: New Study Compares Feminist And Non-feminist Views On Gender Roles
2016-03-05  (PRWEB)

What does it mean to be a feminist in modern times? Is it all about male-bashing and female supremacy? This is what researchers at attempted to find out.

It's Not Just A Girl Thing: Queendom Study Reveals That Men Struggle With Emotional Eating Too
2016-02-20  (PRWEB)

When you consume food for reasons other than hunger, you are engaging in emotional eating. And this goes for both genders. It would be incorrect to assume that only women fall victim to emotional eating.

I Love You, Warts And All: Queendom Study Reveals That Authenticity Is Essential To Love And Happiness
2016-02-19  (PRWEB)

Pretending to be someone you're not will almost always backfire, and as our study shows, people who are disingenuous are also likely to struggle with a host of other issues.

From Light To Dark: New Queendom Study Reveals Unhealthy Thinking Patterns Linked To Depression
2016-01-30  (PRWEB)

It's this fear of being judged by others that keeps depressed people in a negative thinking pattern, and discourages some from seeking help even though they really need it.

Millennials Mean Business - PsychTests' Study Indicates That Millennials Are Determined To Prove Their Worth
2016-01-16  (PRWEB)

Millennials are determined to show their critics that they should not be counted out. When they enter the workforce, an attitude shift happens, and they gain a new perspective on life and their role in the world.

Resolution Pass or Fail: New Queendom Study Reveals the Personality of Goal-achievers
2015-12-19  (PRWEB)

Goal-setters do not rely on others to push them to achieve or to determine which path they should take in life. They're decisive, self-reliant, and resourceful.

Holiday Grinches: New Queendom Study Delves into the Personality of Argumentative People
2015-12-12  (PRWEB)

Just like a soda can that has been shaken one too many times, bottled up resentment will find a way out, often in the form of emotional outbursts.

Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert? PsychTests' Study Reveals That It Can Be A Win-Win-Win Situation
2015-11-28  (PRWEB)

Just because ambiverts share characteristics of both introverts and extroverts, that doesn't mean they also share their strengths

The Big 4 Success Predictors: New PsychTests' Study Reveals Traits Of Top Performers
2015-11-14  (PRWEB)

An introvert can have outstanding social skills and magnetic personality, just as an extrovert may crave social contact but lack people skills ... an unfortunate combination.

Of Black Cats & Jinxes - The World's Top 10 Superstitions Revealed In a New Study By
2015-10-29  (PRWEB)

While superstitious belief steadily decreased as people attained higher levels of education, we noticed a slight but noticeable increase among those who have a PhD.

It's Not You, It's Me - PsychTests' Study Explores Management's Role In Turnover
2015-09-26  (PRWEB)

There are many factors that play a role in turnover, and the way in which a company is managed has a significant impact on an employee's decision to stay or go.

Job-Hopping Or Self-Defense? PsychTests' Study Reveals Top Ten Reasons Employees Quit
2015-09-19  (PRWEB)

Issues related to a psychologically unhealthy work environment appear to be a frequent cause of turnover.

The Big Five Traits And The Big Five Generations - PsychTests' Study Looks At The Personality Make-up Of Today's Young And Mature
2015-08-29  (PRWEB)

The G.I. generation dealt with war and a great deal of daunting economic uncertainty. All this could explain their higher degree of emotional stability and conscientiousness.

Psyched Out - PsychTests' Study Confirms That Athletic Success Is As Much Mental As It Is Physical
2015-08-12  (PRWEB)

When it comes to performance, athletes need to posses both physical and mental toughness, those who don't will find themselves facing a battle not just with their competitors, but within themselves as well.

Social Butterfly, Master Manipulator - PsychTests' Study Reveals The Dark Side Of Social Insigh
2015-07-25  (PRWEB)

Con artists have a good understanding of human nature. The only thing that differentiates them from healthy, emotionally intelligent people is their lack of empathy.

Eyes On The Franchise Prize - PsychTests' Study Reveals Ten Habits Of Successful Franchise Owners
2015-07-11  (PRWEB)

Running a business requires more than capital - you need to have the right training, personality, skills and attitude.

"Doesn't Work Well With Others" - PsychTests' Study Reveals That "Team Avoiders" May Have Valid Concerns
2015-06-20  (PRWEB)

While there are certainly some people who don't fit well into a team structure, it would be shortsighted to assume that someone who doesn't want to work as part of a group is not a team player.

From Breadwinner to Stay-at-home Dad - PsychTests' Study Shows A Shift In The Roles of Fathers
2015-06-06  (PRWEB)

What degree are today's dads taking a more non-traditional approach to family and child-rearing? New research by PsychTests reveals that men's views of the role of fathers have shifted significantly.

Power-Hungry And Pariah - PsychTests' Study Shows That Desire For Power Damages Relationships
2015-05-30  (PRWEB)

It isn't that power brings out the worst in people; it just magnifies what already lies within, whether it's a sense of inferiority, narcissism, selfishness, or a need to control.

To Succeed Or Not To Succeed - PsychTests' Study Reveals That Fear Of Success Is As Detrimental As Fear Of Failure
2015-05-23  (PRWEB)

People who fear success either walk away from opportunities or "choke" at inopportune moments. A fear of success might seem nonsensical and unusual, but it is actually quite common.

Defensiveness in Response to Criticism Linked to Job Dissatisfaction, Recent Psychtests' Study Reveals
2015-04-25  (PRWEB)

Criticism may be difficult to swallow, but it can offer helpful insight that will improve your performance and bring out your full potential.

It's Not Just A Girl Thing: Queendom Study Reveals That Men Struggle With Emotional Eating Too
2015-04-18  (PRWEB)

When you consume food for reasons other than hunger, you are engaging in emotional eating. Unless you find healthier ways to cope with stress, maintaining a healthy weight will remain an elusive goal.

Bucket List Employees - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Managers Should Hire For Ambition
2015-03-31  (PRWEB)

Determining whether you have a future Mount Everest climber on your hands or an underachiever is a matter of asking the right interview questions, and avoiding the standard ones.

Women Still Looking For a Prince Charming But Ready To Share the Throne:'s Study Reveals How Women's Views Of Gender Roles Have C
2015-03-07  (PRWEB)

Feminism is not about hating men or feeling superior to them. For most women, it is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, whether you are a CEO or stay-at-home mom.

Eating Disorders: More Than A Physical Threat - Queendom Study Reveals That Eating Disorders Are Often A Sign Of Deeper Mental Health Issues
2015-02-21  (PRWEB)

Along with body image issues, individuals who have an eating disorder are also likely to have problems with depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders

It's Not You, It's Me: Queendom Study Reveals Why Some Men Are Afraid To Commit
2015-02-14  (PRWEB)

Men who are afraid of the old "ball and chain" may have valid fears about what commitment entails.

Dangerous Dualities -'s Study Reveals Other-oriented Perfectionism Linked to Low Self-esteem
2015-01-31  (PRWEB)

Confidence, or high self-esteem, is never synonymous with perfectionism. In fact, people with low self-esteem are more likely to set unrealistic expectations for others than those with high self-esteem.

The Splendors and Miseries of Workaholics: PsychTests' Study Reveals The Unexpected Downside of Being A Workaholic
2015-01-31  (PRWEB)

While the tasks and projects may seem never-ending, a workaholic's mental and physical "stamina" will reach their limits.

Weight Loss Hang-ups - PsychTests' Study Reveals That What's In Your Mind Is As Important As What's In Your Belly
2015-01-29  (PRWEB)

Aside from problematic food habits, many people in their sample have a defeatist and self-sabotaging attitude about their weight, which could make the process of losing the weight much more of a challenge.

Spare The Rod? PsychTests' Study Reveals That Strict, Authoritarian Parenting Does Not Produce Well-Behaved Children
2015-01-10  (PRWEB)

Although some would say that there is no 'right' way when it comes to childrearing, research has shown time and again that firmness, responsiveness, and support tend to have a positive impact on children.

The Humpty Dumpty Ego - PsychTests' Study Reveals the Fragility of Narcissists' Self-esteem
2014-12-19  (PRWEB)

Narcissists thrive on approval and abhor criticism. They may nonchalantly brush off criticism in front of others, but it does hurt them quite deeply.

Diagnosis: Attitude Problem - PsychTests' Study Reveals How the Trait of Resilience Affects Wellbeing
2014-12-06  (PRWEB)

Resilient people still go through moments when they feel like giving up, or when they don't see any possible solution to their problem - but they keep plodding on.

Psychological Wealth - PsychTests' Study Shows That Money Can't Buy Happiness
2014-11-29  (PRWEB)

Being rich does not guarantee satisfaction or happiness. Mental health is true wealth.

Want To Cultivate Sales? Forget Farmer Or Hunter Types... Find A Pioneer - PsychTests' Study Reveals The Profile Of Top Salespeople
2014-11-12  (PRWEB)

Pioneers possess the initiative and assertiveness that Hunters need to find prospects, but balance that 'killer instinct' with the warm and helpful attitude of Farmers.

Perfect Employees Are Anything But - New PsychTests' Study Indicates That Perfectionism Is Not A Trait That HR Managers Should Look For
2014-10-28  (PRWEB)

Perfectionists get caught in a vicious cycle where they set impossible goals, fail to live up to their expectations, mentally beat themselves up, and then try again to do things perfectly.

Feeling Groovy - PsychTests' New Study Reveals That High Emotional Intelligence Improves Life Satisfaction
2014-10-18  (PRWEB)

Our feelings are simply a message our body send us to alert us to issues, and to provide us with information that our rational, conscious mind doesn't have access to.

Don't Fear This F-word: Failure - New PsychTests' Study Reveals That People With High Self-esteem Fail With Grace
2014-09-30  (PRWEB)

Absolutely everyone, no matter how perfect they may seem, messes up from time to time. It's like learning to walk as children. If we don't stumble, we won't learn how to get up and keep our balance.

With Humility Comes Achievement - New PsychTests' Study Indicates That Goal-achievers Are More Amenable to Coaching
2014-09-13  (PRWEB)

Non-achievers either don't believe they have what it takes to achieve the goals they aspire to, or they expect to be able to do everything on their own - as though asking others for help will diminish the value of their success.

Bending over Backwards Is for Gymnasts - Psychtests' Study Reveals Why Being Too Nice Is a Disadvantage
2014-08-13  (PRWEB)

When you consistently go out of your way to be nice to others, putting aside your own needs, you do yourself and others more harm than good.

The Realistic Optimist - New PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Optimism With A Dose Of Practicality Can Make People Happy
2014-07-16  (PRWEB)

Moderate optimists hope for the best, but are also realistic about their chances for failure or disappointment.

Two to Tango - PsychTests' Study Reveals 9 Key Factors In Relationship Satisfaction
2014-06-28  (PRWEB)

The common theme for those with happy, long-term relationships is 'togetherness'.

Millennials Excel At Many Things...Except This - PsychTests' New Study Reveals What Gen Y'ers Can Learn From Boomers
2014-06-25  (PRWEB)

Millennials are also a generation that grew up with an abundance of helicopter parenting ... many members of this cohort were sheltered from problems by their parents.

Millennial Mudslinging - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Gen Y Employees Need To Be Given A Chance
2014-05-30  (PRWEB)

Boomers, Gen Xers and Millenials share some top motivators but there are many differences as well.

The Petty Personality - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Certain People Tend toPick Fights
2014-05-10  (PRWEB)

Their reaction seems out of the blue or petty to others, but in reality, they are reacting to something very real that is bothering them; they just don't realize what that really is.

Surprising Hang-ups of a Follower - Study Reveals That Employees Who Are Followers Can Be Difficult To Coach
2014-04-30  (PRWEB)

When you offer coaching or training to Followers, they may take it as an indication that something is wrong and that's why they need help.

Chains of Love -'s New Study Reveals a New Pattern of Co-Dependent Relationships
2014-04-19  (PRWEB)

Cross-dependency often results in a very intense relationship where both partners resent each other and yet, are afraid to leave.

Peace-makers At Work:'s Research Reveals The Benefits Of Social Values in The Workplace
2014-03-29  (PRWEB)

People want to get back to what's important, and it's not money and power anymore. It's the desire to connect with other human beings, a prize that is beyond value.

The "Asking For Directions" Complex - Study Reveals That Female Employees Are More Coachable Than Males
2014-03-15  (PRWEB)

Men tend to bury their head in the sand when it comes to taking direction and absorbing feedback.

Are Rich People Really That Selfish? - New Study Looks At Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Altruistic Tendencies
2014-02-22  (PRWEB)

Money doesn't make a person more or less selfish. If you are a genuinely kind and giving person, you'll continue to be that way no matter how many zeros are on your paycheck.

Not Mars vs. Venus, But One Well-Rounded World - New Study Looks At Gender Differences In Values
2014-02-15  (PRWEB)

Men and women may disagree on a lot of things, but we all share similar values.

Self-made Martyr: Study Looks at How Locus of Control Influences Victim Mentality
2014-01-31  (PRWEB)

Locus of control can significantly impact a person's attitude, happiness, and ability to succeed.

The Core of Bad Apples: Study Delves Into the Minds of Power-trippers
2014-01-31  (PRWEB)

Making others feel small may boost power-trippers' ego, but it also damages personal and professional relationships.

The Patience of a Saint: PsychTests Releases Study on What It Takes to Thrive as a Call Center Customer Service Rep
2014-01-28  (PRWEB)

You can't control the type of people who will call your customer service center; every company will have their fair share of 'customers from hell.' What you can control is the type of person you hire to handle those calls.

Fat Loss At Whatever Cost - Releases Results Of New Study On Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods
2014-01-15  (PRWEB)

Unhealthy eating habits aside, women who are unhappy with their body often find themselves struggling with problems like low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, and the tendency to use food for comfort.

Love What You Hate - Releases Results On Life Satisfaction Study, Encouraging People to Use Dissatisfaction As Inspiration For Change
2013-12-17  (PRWEB)

Dissatisfaction is not necessarily a bad thing. If anything, it pushes people to change and improve.

Emotional Carnage - Releases Results of New Study on The Impact of PMS On Women's Emotional Health
2013-12-14  (PRWEB)

It's important to understand that women don't intentionally lash out or use PMS as excuse to do so.

Contemporary Minds Don't Always Think Alike - Study Reveals That Some Young Men Still Lean Toward Traditional Gender Roles
2013-11-30  (PRWEB)

While views on the appropriateness of certain gender roles continue to shift, there are still some stereotypes that die hard, as research from reveals.

The Progressive-Minded Man - Study Reveals Shifting Views of Masculinity
2013-11-26  (PRWEB)

89% of traditional men believe that most of the important decision-makers in a company should be male, compared to 1% of progressive-minded men.

Boo! Just In Time For Halloween, Queendom Releases Results of New Study on Paranormal Beliefs, Showing Women More Likely to Believe in Supernatural Ph
2013-10-29  (PRWEB)

Just because something cannot be proven through scientific methods, doesn't mean it's impossible.

The Self-Esteem Shield -'s Study Reveals the Protective Factor of High Self-Esteem
2013-10-10  (PRWEB)

People with solid self-esteem go through life's 'milestone minefields' - like the awkwardness of puberty, major rejections, dating and breakups - with a lot less bruising to their ego.

Emotional Intelligence Is My BFF - Queendom Study Shows That Strong EQ Leads To A Better Social Life
2013-09-25  (PRWEB)

Emotions are actually loaded with information and as such can enhance rational thinking and decision making.

Money and Power Drop In Popularity -'s Study Reveals The Rising Importance of Social Values
2013-09-11  (PRWEB)

Perhaps part of what's behind this obsession with social media is the desire to re-connect with humanity, to get a sense of belonging.

For The Love Of A Good Fight -'s Study Reveals That Arguing In Relationships Isn't Necessarily A Bad Thing
2013-08-21  (PRWEB)

The belief that happy couples do not or should not fight is false, if not unhealthy

The Fallacy of Tough Love -' Study Reveals That Authoritarian Parenting Can Do More Harm Than Good
2013-08-06  (PRWEB)

he best of parenting comes from a healthy balance of love or "responsiveness" and firmness.

Perfectly Miserable - Queendom Study Reveals The Pitfalls of Trying to Achieve Perfection
2013-07-30  (PRWEB)

Perfection may seem like a noble goal, but when extreme, it becomes a hindrance.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Credit -'s New Study Reveals The Dangers of Credit Cards For Shopping Addicts
2013-07-23  (PRWEB)

People with "Oniomania," otherwise known as compulsive shopping, are buying themselves a one-way ticket to financial disaster.

Chameleons Vs. Cookie-cutters: Multidimensional Leaders Outperform Conventional Ones, According to New PsychTests Study
2013-06-25  (PRWEB)

Nowadays, leaders need to wear many hats. They need to be able to develop both the human side and product side of a business - if you have just one or the other, you greatly limit yourself and the success of your business.

With Smiling Determination - Research Uncovers How Happy People Cope With Stress
2013-05-24  (PRWEB)

It isn't that happy people live a charmed, stress-free life. They face stress like everyone else - the key lies in how they cope with it.

One Size Does Not Fit All - Research Highlights The Multidimensionality of Employee Motivation
2013-05-21  (PRWEB)

Motivation goes far beyond the simplicity of bonuses and praise, but on a more critical note, it also shows that the majority of managers still don't know how to inspire the best from their staff.

Is Blunt Honesty The Best Policy?'s Latest Research Reveals That Tact Still Rules
2013-05-06  (PRWEB)

A little bit of civility and diplomacy never killed anyone, and they make social interactions so much smoother.

The Lies Low Self-esteem Will Tell you -'s Latest Research Reveals That Battling Self-esteem Issues is a Mind Game
2013-04-25  (PRWEB)

When a person suffers from low self-esteem, it acts like a virus, spreading and infecting the individual's thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors.

The Power of a Positive Mindset -'s New Study Reveals That Optimists Enjoy Better Mental and Physical Health
2013-04-02  (PRWEB)

A positive mindset seems to act like a buffer that can shield optimists from the impact of stress on the mind and body.

The Nasty Side Effects of Hostility -'s New Study Reveals How Hostile Emotions Can Breed or Feed Unhealthy Habits
2013-03-18  (PRWEB)

Hostility is one of the main attributes responsible for the negative health consequences of Type A personality.

Are you your child's hero?'s New Study Reveals The Importance of a Supportive Home Environment on Children's Ambition and Suc
2013-03-08  (PRWEB)

It's this attitude of tenacity and determination that has been instilled in them that makes a difference

The Hardy Personality -'s New Study Reveals Why This Trait Can Make or Break Your Mental and Physical Health
2013-02-25  (PRWEB)

If hardy people can't find the silver lining, they just keep picking at the hem until they dig some out.

Just In Time For Valentine's Day:'s New Study Reveals That Chivalry Is Alive And Well
2013-02-11  (PRWEB)

The modern woman still likes romance, but it's now a shared endeavor, with both genders putting an effort into the relationship.

The Upside Of Taking The Heat -'s Research Reveals Why Job Success Depends On Ability To Take Criticism
2013-01-24  (PRWEB)

One of the key factors that determined whether a person responded defensively to criticism was self-esteem.

Women More Likely Than Men To Give In To Temptation And Break New Year's Resolutions, New Study Reveals
2013-01-02  (MARKETWIRE)

Neither men nor women whole-heartedly embrace lifestyle change. But with the New Year comes a great deal of introspection, and we know that we have to bite the bullet and either adopt or drop some habits.

Handling Stress with Finesse - Queendom Research Shows The Benefits of Developing Practical Coping Skills
2012-11-30  (MARKETWIRE)

We are often amazed by people who have been through the most difficult human experiences but still manage to lead happy lives.

The Banalities of Depression - Queendom Research Shows Link Between Depression and Procrastination
2012-11-17  (MARKETWIRE)

With health issues being the most common area where people procrastinate, especially those with depression, this can cause serious problems.

There's No Solace in Sweets - Queendom Research Reveals Why Some Women Are More Prone to Emotional Eating
2012-11-03  (MARKETWIRE)

Although men are not immune to the sugary (or deep-fried) whispers of comfort food, Queendom's statistics reveal that women are more likely to turn to food as a coping mechanism for stress and other types of emotional distress.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot - Queendom Research Underlines The Personal and Professional Risks of Poor Social Skills
2012-10-19  (MARKETWIRE)

There are those who have an uncanny knack for building a rapport with others, and then there are those for whom a sudden of case of laryngitis are the only things that can salvage an already cringe-worthy conversation.

Over 40 and Totally Worthy - Queendom Research Shows That Older Women Have Better Self-esteem Than Younger Women
2012-09-25  (MARKETWIRE)

Women over 40 still struggle with self-esteem issues, but experience has taught them, and will teach young women, that self-love can never come from something outside of themselves.

Forbidden Fruit - Queendom Research Reveals Which Gender Is More Likely to Give into Temptation
2012-09-25  (MARKETWIRE)

For everything from food to exercise, Queendom researchers attempted to determine which of the two groups was more likely to stick to their health resolutions, particularly in the face of temptation

Do you deserve to be rich? PsychTests Research Reveals That It Depends On Your Personality
2012-09-14  (MARKETWIRE)

The idea of going from 'just getting by to 'success beyond one's wildest dreams' often falls under the category of "Things that will never happen to me." So how does it happen?

How Are You Smart? PsychTests Research Emphasizes Importance of Nurturing Different Forms of
2012-08-31  (MARKETWIRE)

Students who develop and strengthen different types of intelligence are more likely to excel in school.

Who are you hiring as a caregiver? Reveals Why Personality is Crucial
2012-08-20  (MARKETWIRE)

Whether you're hiring a personal caregiver for a family member or for a position in a large organization, you absolutely need to do your homework.

Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Power - Takes a Peak into the Mind of Power-Trippers
2012-08-10  (MARKETWIRE)

Those who hunger for power believe that once given a position of authority, they will get the respect and social status they feel they deserve.

Obese Personality - Reveals How Women's Thoughts and Emotions Play a Role in Weight Issues
2012-07-09  (MARKETWIRE)

a lot of women are emotional eaters, binge eaters, or practice other unhealthy eating habits like rewarding themselves with food.

I Am a Manager, Hear Me Roar! PsychTests Compares Skills and Traits of Male and Female Managers
2012-06-28  (MARKETWIRE)

Companies looking for a good manager need to put aside gender stereotypes and instead take a serious look at what their organization needs

When Your Customer Service Stinks - PsychTests Reveals Why Rep Personality Makes A Major Difference
2012-06-17  (MARKETWIRE)

Those who succeed in customer service have certain personality traits that help them survive and thrive in this often challenging position.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Puts a Unique Spin on Vacation Planning With Its AQ Test
2012-06-04  (MARKETWIRE)

The most common adventure type in Queendom's test-taking population is the "Eclectic Explorer", or as we like to put it, the quintessential nomadic traveler.

Climbing the Ladder: PsychTests Reveals The Traits That Can Help Get You That Promotion
2012-05-22  (MARKETWIRE)

Employees seeking a higher-level position, like supervisor or manager, need to fully understand what being promoted entails - they need to be prepared, or they risk being totally overwhelmed.

Rx: Do your research - Experts from Prescribe Knowledge As The Best Approach Toward Mental Health
2012-05-09  (MARKETWIRE)

The greatest concern for proponents of mental health is the potential for misdiagnoses or over-diagnoses, ready availability and the ease at which drugs are prescribed for mental health issues.

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than Traditional Intelligence: Releases Research on EIQ at Work
2012-04-28  (MARKETWIRE)

If an organization is dealing with burnout, low productivity, poor motivation, or poor customer service, it would be a good idea to consider the role of emotional intelligence in these circumstances.

Internal Sunshine - Releases Personality Profile of Happy People
2012-04-13  (MARKETWIRE)

Happy people are more likely to be emotionally stable, extroverted, poised, resilient, confident, optimistic, sociable, and approachable.

When "Satisfactory" Isn't Enough - Releases Results Of Their Study On Excellent Managers
2012-04-04  (MARKETWIRE)

Thriving managers are those with engaging personalities who want to bring out the best in others, and who are not afraid to give employees a well-needed reality check when necessary.

Money No Longer a Top Motivator: Reveals What Employees Need to Feel Engaged
2012-03-23  (MARKETWIRE)

A lot of managers may be surprised to learn that most employees get a motivational boost from simple things like regular verbal praise, opportunities to learn new skills, or more independence and decision-making power.

It's a Cold, Cold World - Releases Results Of Their Research on Hostility
2012-03-13  (MARKETWIRE)

Hostility is often confused with the emotion of anger, but it's more than an emotion, it's an attitude - and its impact is far-reaching.

High-risk Employees: PsychTests' Research Reveals Personality Factors That Lead To Accident Proneness
2012-03-02  (MARKETWIRE)

Screening for accident-related personality traits can be a crucial part of the hiring process, especially for jobs where safety is a top priority.

The Original Odd Couple - Releases Results Of Their Research on Optimists and Pessimists
2012-02-18  (MARKETWIRE)

Optimistic people are more satisfied with their relationships, both in their personal life and at work, are more comfortable taking risks, and tend to rate their health better than pessimists.

Some Like it Hot - Releases Results Of Their Research on Contemporary Sexual Attitudes
2012-02-05  (MARKETWIRE)

Our results indicate that people who were most satisfied with their relationship in general were those who felt free to express their sexual desires to their partner.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Releases Results Of Their Relationship Satisfaction Research
2012-01-17  (MARKETWIRE)

Relationship satisfaction in the end is much like spinning fragile plates on a narrow pole. You've just got to keep working on all issues until everything is spinning in harmony.

Humbugs vs. Ho Ho Ho's - Releases Results Of Their Egoists vs. Altruists Research
2011-12-25  (MARKETWIRE)

Egoists and altruists view the world and humanity in very different ways.

An open mouth requires an open mind and open heart - Releases Research On Self-Disclosure
2011-12-08  (MARKETWIRE)

Those of us who choose to self-disclose to loved ones not only need to be able to trust others, but we also have to be comfortable putting our heart and ego on the line.

The "I'll-do-it-later" Syndrome - Releases Research On Procrastination
2011-11-25  (MARKETWIRE)

If someone puts things off on a consistent basis, to the point where their personal or professional lives are impacted, then this is when it's become a serious problem.

Women May Talk More, But They Are Also Better Listeners. Releases Results Of Their Listening Skills Research
2011-11-12  (MARKETWIRE)

Women are not only a little better at using body language to show that they are listening, they were also more likely to let a conversation flow rather than interrupt a speaker.

Tales from the Testkeepers - Releases Results Of Their Paranormal Research
2011-10-30  (MARKETWIRE)

Most people may raise an eyebrow at talk of the paranormal, but skepticism doesn't always stop them from instinctively knocking on wood to ward off some evil.

Are we bottling up our anger or letting it out? Releases Results Of Their Anger Research
2011-10-17  (MARKETWIRE)

A person has every right to feel angry and to express it, but yelling insults or breaking plates will not do the trick.

Shining a light in the dark corners of the mind - Encourages Awareness of Mental Health
2011-10-04  (MARKETWIRE)

Mental illness still wears stigma like a glove. To seek treatment for a psychological issue is often just as distressing, if not more so, than the actual illness itself.

Facing The Spotlight With Blinding Fear - Releases Results Of Their Social Anxiety Research
2011-09-21  (MARKETWIRE)

Even the simple act of making eye contact with others can be torture for someone with social anxiety.

The Scoop on Tough Cookies - Releases Results of Their Research on Mental Toughness
2011-09-06  (MARKETWIRE)

Life experience helps build character and resilience, so it's not surprising that mental toughness tends to increase with age.

Of Doormats and Dominators - Releases Results of Their Research on Assertiveness
2011-08-23  (MARKETWIRE)

The majority of the population is moderately assertive, but many avoid speaking up for themselves, preferring to hold their tongue.

Psychtests.Com Releases A Battery Of Career-Specific Assessments To Help Job Seekers Find Alternative
2011-08-12  (MARKETWIRE)

People have rare combinations of skills and interests that make them a wonderful fit for occupations they don't even know about or would not consider.

A Career Isn't A One-way Street Anymore - Releases Results of Their Career Aptitude Test
2011-07-29  (MARKETWIRE)

While the importance of finding a career that makes money does increase with age, the almighty dollar is no longer the tempting incentive it used to be.

The Mind of An Athlete: Psychtests Releases Athletic
2011-07-23  (MARKETWIRE)

Personality profiles give athletes a peak into the way they think and feel, and how it in turn impacts their behavior and performance.

Thinking Like A Winner - Releases Results of Their Research on Goal Setting and Achievement
2011-07-10  (MARKETWIRE)

Those who want to accomplish something will 'think' success. They believe in themselves, they refuse to let anything hold them back, and they make concrete plans to get where they want to be.

An Empty Shell Sitting at a Desk - Releases Results of Their Research on Burnout
2011-06-27  (MARKETWIRE)

When it comes to jobs where someone experiences a great deal of stress on a consistent basis, it's not a question of whether or not it will take its toll - it's when.

Who's the dirtier fighter? Releases New Gender and Age Research on Arguing Style
2011-06-14  (MARKETWIRE)

If there are women out there who wonder why their boyfriend/husband doesn't want to discuss things, it may be time to take a serious look at how they argue with them.

See the World Through Anxious Eyes - Releases Results of Their Research on Anxiety
2011-05-31  (MARKETWIRE)

Incessant reflection on what's going wrong with your life and other distressing thoughts can deal some serious damage to your peace of mind.

Striving For Success is a Double-edged Sword - Releases Results of Their Research on Type A Personalities
2011-05-19  (MARKETWIRE)

Some people who strive for glory may end up sacrificing their peace of mind, physical health, and sense of satisfaction with life in general.

My Roof, My Rules - Queendom Releases Results of Parenting Style Study
2011-05-06  (MARKETWIRE)

Children of authoritative parents tend to be the most socially well-adjusted and to have higher self-esteem.

Being Perfect Has Its Flaws - Queendom Releases Results of Perfectionism Study
2011-04-22  (MARKETWIRE)

To be perfect, or to find perfection in others, should be right up there with catching a fairy or nabbing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Your Destiny is Calling: PsychTests Releases New Test to Help People Find Their Dream Job
2011-04-11  (MARKETWIRE)

The online testing guru aims to help visitors, whether it's students contemplating their future or adults looking for a career change, to find a job that both interests them and takes advantage of their strengths.

The Elite Leaders: PsychTests Releases Study on Leadership Qualities That Differentiate the Best From the Rest
2011-03-18  (MARKETWIRE)

Those who can embolden with their words and who are charismatic can appeal to the masses more and draw people in.

You can dish it out, but can you take it? PsychTests Releases Study on People's Ability to Handle Constructive Criticism
2011-03-18  (MARKETWIRE)

Even constructive feedback can be a bit of bitter pill to swallow, but with age comes wisdom.

Can You Be An Entrepreneur? Psychtests Releases Study Results On Key Traits For Successful Entrepreneurs
2011-03-08  (MARKETWIRE)

To be able to wager your life savings on what often seems like a pipe dream to others takes a special type of character.

Queendom Releases Large-Scale Study on The Big Five Personality Factors
2011-02-24  (MARKETWIRE)

While there is much of a debate as to whether personality can be changed, it seems to depend a great deal on personal beliefs.

Roses, Chocolates, And A Ball n' Chain? Queendom.Com Releases Results Of A Study On Gender Differences In Commitment
2011-02-17  (MARKETWIRE)

Commitment is a major step that can't be taken without forethought, and our data show this.

Want To Get In Touch With The Inner You? Releases Several New Tests To Get You Started
2011-02-10  (MARKETWIRE)

It's unfortunate that some people get labeled (or label themselves) as 'weird', or as having poor social skills, when in fact, they may actually be suffering from social anxiety.

Arm in Arm or at Arm's-Length? - Releases Surprising Research on Adult Attachment Styles
2011-01-28  (MARKETWIRE)

We will need a larger population of men for our study in order to come to definite conclusions, but the initial results are fascinating and the differences quite dramatic.

Shopaholics' Post-Holiday Shock - Uncovers The Victims of Obsessive Buying
2011-01-14  (MARKETWIRE)

Women are more likely to be shopaholics, although not to an extreme degree, and there are major individual differences.

New Year's Resolution Races - Queendom Picks The Winners and The Losers
2010-12-17  (MARKETWIRE)

People with a fear of success are those who worry that they won't be able to sustain it, or that they don't deserve it.

Don't Be A Grinch - Social Tips From Queendom To Make The Holidays More Jolly
2010-12-17  (MARKETWIRE)

Although the holidays can bring out the best and worst in everyone, our data show that as we age, our social skills do improve.

Emotional Intelligence: Queendom Study Reveals That Being Emotional-Avoiders Makes People Unhappy
2010-12-06  (MARKETWIRE)

Not every culture has the same views on the appropriateness of emotions, but the gender stereotype that forces men to distance themselves from their emotions does them a major disservice.

Franchise This: Psychtests Releases A Psychological Assessment For Potential Franchisees
2010-11-24  (MARKETWIRE)

To run a franchise requires more than a desire however, and this is where Psychtests can provide visitors with a practical first step to turning the dream into a reality:

Don't Censor Me! Queendom Releases Results Of Their Self-Monitoring Test
2010-11-08  (MARKETWIRE)

There's nothing wrong with saying what you feel - but there's a right way and a wrong way to get your point across.

The Formula 1 of Gender Wars: Queendom's Study Results Shed Some Light On Who Is The King (or Queen) Of The Road
2010-10-15  (MARKETWIRE)

Tendency towards road rage dropped with age, and older folks tended to be more courteous and conscientious on the road.

Fragile Ego - Handle With Care: New Study Reveals Gender And Age Differences In Self-Esteem
2010-10-15  (MARKETWIRE)

As time passes and we find ourselves having to prove our worth once again as new employees, spouses, and parents. Our self-esteem can take a bit of hit, but by the age 40, we're pretty much settled with who we are.

Solid As A Rock Or Rocking In A Fetal Position? New Study Reveals Gender And Age Differences In The Way We Cope With Stress
2010-09-23  (MARKETWIRE)

It's not uncommon for many medical experts to theorize that ongoing negative stress can lead to serious illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The Good, The Bad, And The Adrenaline Junkie: A New Study Looks At Risk-taking
2010-09-02  (PR.COM)

Sensation seeking decreases with age, while conscientiousness, harm avoidance, and internal locus of control increase with age.

Are We Just Puppets In Life's Play? A New Study by Looks At Locus Of Control, Destiny, And Heredity
2010-08-26  (PR NEWSWIRE)

People with an internal locus own their successes and failures, and don't sit back and wait for things to happen. They feel in control of their life, and they make things happen.

It Takes More Than Coffee And Money: New Research Reveals Top Work Motivators That Keep People Going
2010-08-16  (PR.COM)

All the money in the world won't inspire someone who hates his or her job, lacks passion, or feels that his or her work won't make an ounce of difference in the world.

I spell "team" with an "m" and "e" - Why some people hate working as a team
2010-07-26  (PR.COM)

Management needs to accept the fact that team building is such an essential process for functioning teams...and that perhaps some people are at their best when they can work on their own.

The Superhero Employee - Which traits make up this work wonder?
2010-07-13  (PR.COM)

Some traits can be an asset in certain positions, but not in all cases. So what should HR managers be looking for?

Are your pants on fire, liar liar? PsychTests Releases Results of their Honesty Study
2010-06-08  (PR.COM)

Whether or not a lie can be rationalized as an act of honor is a debate of its own merit, but when we are dishonest at work, we aren't taking the high road here.

Gender Differences in Math Intelligence: Is it a gift or a matter of personality?
2010-06-01  (PR.COM)

There are still some traditional beliefs that seem to die hard, like men's and women's place in the modern world, and the type of careers they are "suited" to.

Psychology Teams up with Basketball: Five-Star Basketball Camps Adopts PsychTests' ASE (Athletic Success Evaluation) to Improve Mental Performance
2010-05-11  (PR.COM)

Athletes must make the mental switch to "game mode", and stay focused and in control throughout the match. This is a feat that many players, including professionals, can have difficulties with.

Are We Shameless Or Harmless Flirts? Queendom Releases Results Of Their Flirting Study
2010-05-11  (PR NEWSWIRE)

Flirting is more than genes dictating our movements. It's also a skill based on social learning and learning by observing adult "subject matter experts.

Psychtests' New Study On Communication Skills Reveals That Women Truly Have The Gift Of Gab
2010-05-10  (MEDIAHUB)

Being a good communicator has nothing to do with how much or what you say - it's how you say it, both verbally and non-verbally.

PsychTests Releases Results Of A Gender Roles Study: Some Old Ways Die Hard
2010-04-20  (MEDIAHUB)

Some people may be all for narrowing the gender gap, but when the issue hits close to home, being politically correct doesn't come easy.

PsychTests Releases Results Of A New Study: Astrology And Psychology - A Match Made In The Heavens?
2010-04-02  (MEDIAHUB)

Behind the mathematical calculations and the vague wording of our horoscopes lies a measurable set of personality traits that distinguish and define each of the astrological signs.

Sales Personality: What is the profile for success, and which traits separate men and women?
2010-03-25  (MEDIAHUB)

The question of which traits make up a good salesperson, or whether aggressive sales tactics are better than using charm and "selling with kindness", is likely to stir up a long and drawn-out debate.

(Athletic Competition Evaluation) to Improve Young Athletes' Mental Performance
2010-03-09  (PR NEWSWIRE)

Coaches and researchers in sports psychology are well aware that in order for an athlete to succeed, they must possess the proper physical skill and mindset.

Gender Roles: Are we still playing the part?
2010-02-23  (PR NEWSWIRE)

Most people are 'progressive traditionalists', accepting many, but not all modern twists on traditional gender roles.

The Psychology Of Surgery: PsychTests Releases A Pre-Operative Mental Health Assessment For Bariatric Clinics
2010-02-22  (PR NEWSWIRE)

To reduce complications and relapse, a psychological evaluation prior to giving the patient green light to proceed with this elective surgery is strongly recommended.

Astrology and psychology: Is our personality written out in the stars? Zodiac signs vs. personality: Is there a connection?
2009-12-17  (INTERNET WIRE)

Fluff or not, astrology is still an enigma that people want to learn more about. Who knows? Maybe we'll uncover a strong correlation between people's astrological personality and their actual character.

Weight gain woes during the holidays: Do visions of sugar plums dance in your head?
2009-12-01  (PR NEWSWIRE)

Understanding who or what triggers us to munch mindlessly can help emotional eaters stay in control of both their feelings and their eating.

What kind of flirt are you - A master charmer or a manipulator?
2009-11-25  (PR NEWSWIRE)

Flirting has gone beyond trying to attract the ideal mate. For most people though, flirting is fun and exciting - and it should be.

A blue Christmas: PsychTests offers a free Depression Test to help sufferers during the holidays
2009-10-01  (PR NEWSWIRE)

It's important for both family members and those who suffer from depression to be particularly aware of the potential for emotional downturns during the holiday season.

A penny for their thoughts: Pre-employment testing on a budget
2009-10-01  (PR NEWSWIRE)

If you're at the point where you can't afford to throw away any more resources, what can you do to find the right people for the job on a tight budget?

Unique New Service For Media Professionals: Free Data From Polls, Surveys And Online Studies
2007-02-22  (INTERNET WIRE)

The Internet's power enables the media to find reliable sources in new ways. Queendom hopes to optimize their access to information, and increase awareness of important mental health issues.

It's Official: Men Are More Romantic Than Women, As Study of 21,000 Test-takers on Shows
2007-02-14  (INTERNET WIRE)

By understanding their values, concerns and wishes, we can make the journey towards self-understanding much more personalized and all-the-more enlightening.

PsychTests Launches MatchScale - the Blueprint for Compatibility, the most comprehensive test in the history of the company!
2007-02-12  (INTERNET WIRE)

The notion that contemporary men are hopelessly unromantic is a misconception. In our study, the so-called unromantic species showed a deeper weak spot for romance than their gentler counterpart.

Are you a social wizard? adds the Self-Monitoring Test to its Battery of Personality and HR Tests
2005-08-24  (INTERNET WIRE)

From conflict resolution styles to their need for space, the test measures over 150 attributes that factor into short- and long-term relationship satisfaction.

Have a knack for casting new light on an old problem? PsychTests.Com Adds The Creative Problem-Solving Test To Its Battery Of Career And HR Tests
2003-11-26  (INTERNET WIRE)

Losing your temper in a team situation will not accomplish anything - you need to calm yourself down, and present your argument in the most acceptable way for that particular group.

Is Your Life Drifting in the Wrong Direction? The new Values Profile at provides guidance to get you back on track
2003-11-17  (INTERNET WIRE)

The rapid growth of competition in business and industry is often quoted as a reason for wanting to understand more about the creative process.

Need people who could sell ice on the North Pole? Find them with the new Sales Test Battery from
2003-06-16  (INTERNET WIRE)

Finding a job in tune with your values is essential to satisfaction at work. Job satisfaction suffers if we are forced to compromise what we hold dear.

Hostility A Better Predictor Of Heart Disease Than Cholesterol Levels, Obesity And Even Smoking: Gauge Your Risk With The New Type A Personality Test
2002-12-11  (INTERNET WIRE)

From the HR manager's perspective, the SAPEB provides objective, standardized information that is difficult to glean from a regular interview, and that is invaluable in making informed HR decisions.

To team or not to team: Match employees and work environment with PsychTests' new Team vs. Individual
2002-12-02  (INTERNET WIRE)

The link between the over-achieving Type A Personality Type and coronary heart disease, cancer and a number of other stress-related diseases creates a need for a reliable assessment that could be used in screening and prevention.

'Synergize' your organization with team fit assessment: introduces new Team Roles Test
2002-11-13  (INTERNET WIRE)

No matter what the education, experience, or training a person has, if they have a strong preference for independent work, assigning them to a team will be unproductive and costly.

Job candidate's personality more important than skills? You bet! Introduces ARCH Profile For HR Managers - A New Online Psychometri
2002-10-01  (INTERNET WIRE)

The key to success is balance. It takes all kinds ... and the Team Roles test can be a real eye-opener.

Image Changes The Face Of Online Testing - Launches My Profile, The Largest Collection Of Career, IQ, And Personality Tests On The Web
2002-08-05  (INTERNET WIRE)

So how do you find that proverbial needle in a haystack? You use the right decision-support tools.

Image Launches ARCH Profile, An Online Psychological Testing Center For Therapists
2001-12-20  (INTERNET WIRE)

The relaunched My Profile gives members access not only to all Queendom's old favorites, but also to a number of brand new career tests.

Re-Launched Provides Online Testing Tools For HR, Psychologists And Academics
2001-07-10  (INTERNET WIRE)

The Internet is changing the way psychologists do therapy, and the changes are for the better.

Queendom Releases The Anger Test: A Powerful Tool For Violence Prevention
2001-07-05  (INTERNET WIRE)

The appeal of the tests lies in their blend of complexity, insight, and subtle humor. That's what makes the entire test-taking situation much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Discoveryhealth.Com Announces Content Licensing Agreement With Queendom.Com
2001-06-21  (INTERNET WIRE)

Anger in itself is a healthy emotion, but some people cope with it in a way that leads to problems.

Queendom's Just-For-Fun Tests Profile Celebrities In FX's New Talk Show "The Test"
2001-05-31  (INTERNET WIRE)

Our tests are being used in a variety of settings, including academic and marketing research, human resources management and clinical practice.

Could You Make It On Survivor II? Take's New Resilience Test And Find Out!
2001-04-23  (INTERNET WIRE)

The Just-For-Fun Tests are short 10-question quizzes exploring personality, moral dilemmas and everyday personal habits.

Planning To Become An Astronaut... And You're Afraid Of Heights? It's Time To Take's New Aspiration Test
2001-03-30  (INTERNET WIRE)

The Resilience Test, which uses situational questions that anyone can relate to, evaluates how well you are able to pull through when the going gets tough.

Image, The Web's Best Kept Secret, Has Come Out Of Its Shell
2001-03-22  (INTERNET WIRE)

Generally, it's good to aim high, but lofty aspirations don't guarantee accomplishment and can even decrease the chance of success.

Image, The Web's Best Kept Secret, Has Come Out Of Its Shell
2001-02-27  (INTERNET WIRE)

Queendom keeps its readers coming back time and time again with entertaining yet educational psychology, personality, relationship, health and career Test.

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