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Vast selection of assessments

  • Personality assessments
  • IQ tests
  • Job-specific aptitude tests
  • Attitude and values tests
  • Work style tests
  • Work habits assessments
Assessment Selection Basic Functionality Job Analysis Matrix (JAM) 360 Orbit Add-on Modules Custom Solutions

ARCH Profile currently offers more than 80 different assessments on a wide range of topics. You
will find several general personality tests, a number of job-specific assessments, several kinds of intelligence tests ranging from culture-fair to emotional intelligence, and a large number of
attitude and transferable skills assessments, such as communication skills, coping strategies or organizational skills.

ARCH Profile assessments are self-administered and self-scoring, so you don't need to spend time or money on interpreting results. Assessment reports provide an overview of the topic, personalized results, and no-nonsense advice and tips. The reports are easy to read because they are written in plain English, are visually enhanced (graphs, bullets, summaries), efficient, concise, and offer practical and down-to-earth insight.

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