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  • Top quality assessments
  • Wide range of tests
  • Branded delivery system
  • Easy-to-use admin interface
  • Low investment
  • Competitive pricing
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Whether you're a reseller in HR, management, consulting, or coaching, the goals are the same: you want to provide top-quality products to your clients. You want to develop a reputation of competence, credibility and professionalism. Reselling psychological assessments can be a challenge, as you need to be able to provide a product that has an established track record of reliability and validity. If you can't stand behind the quality of what you offer, clients will be hard-pressed to do so as well.

By reselling psychological assessments offered by ARCH Profile, you will have access to:

  • An abundance of professionally-developed tests that have been on the market since 1996, and are used by numerous companies worldwide, including IQ tests, competency job fit tests, personality assessments, and mental health tests
  • A sophisticated yet user-friendly test delivery system that allows you to set up your own testing portal, with your own logo and color scheme to simulate the look and feel of your website
  • Responsive technical and customer service support
  • Proven tools that generate traffic and profit for your website
  • Competitive pricing and low initial costs
  • Statistical information that can be offered to clients, describing the validity and reliability of each test

In addition, as a reseller of ARCH Profile tests you will be able to:

  • Offer clients in-depth psychological assessments that allow them to obtain valuable insight into the personality, attitude, values, motivators, and behaviors of job candidates, managers, and clients
  • Easily set up testing accounts for individual users or companies or allow your clients to do so on their own - they will be able to assign tests, notify users of pending assessments, and view reports as soon as they are completed
  • Reduce administrative costs by leaving the invoicing to us

With ARCH Profile, there is no quota to meet, no maintenance fees, and no annual fees. Even if you are working with another testing company, ARCH Profile tests can be added to your existing repertoire of products - we do not require exclusivity.

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Our clients consistently compliment us on the layout and usability of the Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test. The testing process itself is as enjoyable as the feedback received.

Carien Engelbrecht
Aurik Business Incubator