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Custom Solutions

  • Custom test development
  • Debriefing sessions
  • Train-the-trainers sessions
  • Custom benchmarking study
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If you require a custom solution for anything test-related, ARCH Profile's team will be happy to help.

Custom test development

Our test development team is flexible in terms of format, subject matter, and tone (serious or light). We have created tests on a wide array of topics (IQ, personality, relationships, career, mental health etc.), ranging from 6-question quizzes to in-depth 500-question-long instruments. We have also built state-of-the-art matching systems using artificial intelligence methods. Test items can range from adjective checklists, True/False, or Likert scale to situational multiple-choice options or image-based questions.

If you would like to discuss ideas for a custom project, please, contact us.

Debriefing sessions

Take the testing experience one step further with a professional debriefing session! Whether you wish to have the test results interpreted by a psychologist to make a more informed hiring decision, or would like your test-taker to be debriefed and coached by one of our independent consultants, we are here to help.

Please, contact us to discuss details.

Train-the-trainers sessions

If you have in-house trainers who need to be coached in debriefing of a specific test, we have a custom solution for you! Our workshops combine theoretic background with hands-on learning using exercises and role playing. We can deliver them in person on site, over the phone, or via video conference.

Please, contact us to discuss details.

Custom benchmarking study

While the ARCH Profile benchmark report offers normative information for a number of industries, some clients prefer to build their own benchmarks based on scores of their top performers. Do-it-yourself tools built into ARCH Profile allow you to calculate and create custom benchmarks in house, but if you need assistance with the design of the study, statistical analyses or custom benchmark set-up, we are there to help at any stage of the process.

Please, contact us to discuss details.

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