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An HR manager's job is never done. Aside from finding the right person for a job, HR managers must also ensure that their succession planning is on track, that they find ways to develop the talent of existing employees, train them for specific skills and reduce turnover at the same time. However, this doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. With the help of psychological assessments, HR managers can find the solutions to all their needs.

How ARCH Profile’s coaching reports can help HR professionals

An HR manager’s most valuable tool is knowledge. In conjunction with psychological assessments, coaching reports can help identify training needs, for both job candidates and current staff.

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Read what satisfied clients have to say about ARCH Profile.

There is such a large selection of tests and the assessments are so in-depth that we feel very confident in their ability to help us determine the best fit for each of our open job positions.

Jann L. Young
Executive Assistant
San-Diego Habitat
for Humanity