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Content Licensing and Development

  • Engaging tests and quizzes
  • Insightful feedback
  • Sticky website content
  • High viral potential
  • Increased visitor/reader loyalty
  • Contextual advertising opportunity
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Since PsychTests first appeared on the Internet scene, it has been a content provider for a variety of media including web, television, radio and print.

Our professional tests and fun quizzes have been featured in a wide variety of sites and publications including Psychology Today, Discovery Health, Fox TV, Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and CosmoGirl, National Post, to name just a few.

Whether you are interested in any of our pre-existing tests or require something created especially for your organization, our expertise in development scientifically-based psychological assessments guarantees that our content will drive traffic and generate interest for your website or publication.

Licensing of online tests and quizzes

Our interactive tests and quizzes are a great addition to your website. Insightful and entertaining, these tests are proven to increase the number of visits and time spent on your site.

Our interactive content is sticky - it will bring visitors to the page, engage them so that they stay longer and entice them to keep coming back. Our content is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your site and with more than 150 professional tests and over 500 fun tests and quizzes to choose from, we can effectively engage a highly diverse audience.

Social media modules integrated within the test results can add a "viral" aspect by allowing users invite their friends to visit the site and take the test as well. Whatever your needs, simply tell us the what and we'll provide the how!

Our tests can be integrated into any website. We host the tests and either use your header and footer to build a page with the tests or our content is served via an iframe.

Our expert technical staff will assist you in the process of integrating our content into your site with optimal efficiency.

Please, contact us to discuss details.

Print media

Adding a professional test or quiz is a great way to spice up an issue and allow readers to gain insight into their psyche. Our shorter assessments or fun tests, which are available for reprints in newspapers and magazines, can do just that!

Our tests have appeared in a number of textbooks, women's and popular science magazines, newspapers and trade publications worldwide and were translated to many languages.

If a brand new test is what you require, PsychTests can help too! Fun or serious, long or short, for teens or adults, in English or many other languages - PsychTests can accommodate your specific needs.

Please, contact us and let's work together on developing quality content for your publication.

Custom Development

Looking for a custom test? Whether you need a professional assessment tool or entertaining quiz, our team of psychologists will collaborate with you to create an insightful, top-quality test.

PsychTests is at the forefront of online testing with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of tests to attest to the quality of our work. The assessments are developed by a team of psychologists using the most rigorous of scientific methods and are subjected to large-scale validation and reliability studies. We have experts on statistics, research methods and artificial intelligence on staff. The combination of experience, knowledge, insight and innovation has lead to the high standard of PsychTests' content.

Our test development team is flexible in terms of format, subject matter, and tone (serious or light). PsychTests has created tests on a wide array of topics (IQ, personality, relationships, career, mental health etc.), ranging from 6-question quizzes to in-depth 400-question-long instruments. We have built state-of-the-art matching systems using artificial intelligence methods. Test items can range from adjective checklists, True/False, or Likert scale to situational multiple-choice options or image-based questions.

Do you have an exciting idea for a unique assessment, quiz, or new application but are not sure how to make it a reality? Over the years, PsychTests earned a reputation for credibility, reliability and innovation. We are always on the lookout for fresh concepts and would be more than happy to discuss any novel ideas you may have for custom developed content.

Please, contact us o learn more about custom content development.

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