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Have a look at some of the latest news concerning ARCH Profile. Past or present, our press-releases provide a window into some of the most interesting and informative research and developments Psychtests' has conducted over the years.

Recluse No More: New Study Reveals The Many Sides Of Individualists
   September 08, 2018 (PRWEB)

Logic vs. Emotions: Study Reveals The Benefits Of Following One’s Heart
   August 18, 2018 (PRWEB)

Self-Controlled vs. Emotionally Constipated: Study Reveals The Drawbacks Of A Lack Of Emotional Expression
   June 23, 2018 (PRWEB)

Optimist, pessimist, or realist: Study Looks At Advantages & Disadvantages Of Different Outlooks
   May 12, 2018 (PRWEB)

Book Smarts vs. People Smarts: New Study Reveals Why EQ May Matter More Than IQ
   April 28, 2018 (PRWEB)

Early Life Crisis: New Study Reveals Alarming Trends In Mental Health Of Youth
   April 16, 2018 (PRWEB)

The Multiplicity of Empathy: Study Reveals Both Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Benefits of Being Empathetic
   March 31, 2018 (PRWEB)

From the Inner World to Outer: PsychTests Study Reveals How Intrapersonal Emotional Intelligence Plays a Role in Popularity
   March 10, 2018 (PRWEB)

The Self-Esteem Age Gap: New Study Reveals Young Women Still Struggling With Self-Worth
   February 27, 2018 (PRWEB)

Single & Happy on Valentine’s Day: Study Reveals Singlehood is not Synonymous with Discontent
   February 27, 2018 (PRWEB)

Surviving And Thriving: Study Looks What It Means to be Mentally Tough
   January 31, 2018 (PRWEB)

What’s Eating The Eater: New Study Reveals Most Common Emotional Eating Triggers
   January 13, 2018 (PRWEB)

New Year, New Approach: New Study Reveals What It Takes To Achieve Resolutions
   December 18, 2017 (PRWEB)

Santa, Scrooge or somewhere in between: New Study Reveals Most People Are Givers…With A Catch, Of Course
   December 09, 2017 (PRWEB)

Humpty-Dumpty Dignity: How Narcissists Keep Their Delicate Outer Shell Intact
   November 27, 2017 (PRWEB)

Coping Through Escapism: New Study Reveals How Today’s Youth Deals With Stress
   November 11, 2017 (PRWEB)

Ghosts, Aliens, And Apocalyptic Destruction: Top 10 Superstitions That Refuse To Die
   October 29, 2017 (PRWEB)

Lone Wolf, Lone Sheep: New Study Reveals Why Some Of The Best – And Worst – Employees Hate Teamwork
   October 14, 2017 (PRWEB)

Power Does Not Need To Corrupt: New Study Reveals That Power-Hunger Is Not Always Negative
   September 30, 2017 (PRWEB)

The Renaissance Personality: New Study Reveals Characteristics Of People Who Love Change
   September 16, 2017 (PRWEB)

Of Little White Lies & Generation Y: New Study Reveals Generational Differences in Honesty
   August 15, 2017 (PRWEB)

Blurring The Lines That Matter: New Study Reveals No Generational Gap In Values
   August 05, 2017 (PRWEB)

The Emotional Age Gap: New Study Reveals Young Men Still Battling Their Feelings
   July 15, 2017 (PRWEB)

Doesn't Play Well With Others: New Study Reveals Top Teamwork Pet Peeves
   June 24, 2017 (PRWEB)

The Subjectivity Of Honesty: New Study Reveals Gender Differences In Views of Dishonesty
   June 17, 2017 (PRWEB)

Ego Boost, Ego Bust: New Study Examines How Self-Esteem Affects Attitudes Toward Power
   May 27, 2017 (PRWEB)

Alike, Yet Different: New Study Compares Work Values of Top vs. Poor Performers
   May 06, 2017 (PRWEB)

Too Thin, Too Big: Neither Feels Good Enough. New Study Reveals Personal Struggles Of The Unhealthy
   April 22, 2017 (PRWEB)

Bad Breeding Bad: New Study Reveals Impact Of Unreliable Managers On At-Risk Employees
   April 08, 2017 (PRWEB)

The Cerberus Effect: New Study Reveals Three Underlying Factors Of Poor Body Image
   March 25, 2017 (PRWEB)

Emotional Intelligence & Mental Health: New Study Finds Link Between EQ Traits, Depression, & Anxiety
   March 04, 2017 (PRWEB)

When Fighting Means "I Love You": New Study Reveals The Importance of Arguing
   February 14, 2017 (PRWEB)

Born To Be Wild?: New Study Reveals Impact Of Parenting Style On Honesty
   February 04, 2017 (PRWEB)

The Good, The Honorable, The Ethical: New Study Reveals Traits That Promote Honest Behavior
   January 21, 2017 (PRWEB)

Here's What Matters For 2017: Top Five Personal Values Revealed By New Online Study
   January 07, 2017 (PRWEB)

It's An Emotional IQ Kind of Christmas: New Study Reveals Five Key Traits To Develop This Holiday Season
   December 17, 2016 (PRWEB)

Modern Day Machiavellians: New Study Looks Into The Dark Side of Empathy
   December 10, 2016 (PRWEB)

Office Pollution: New PsychTests Study Looks Into The Core Traits of Toxic Employees
   November 26, 2016 (PRWEB)

Inside The Mind Of A Politician: New Study Reveals Values of Aspiring Politicians
   November 10, 2016 (PRWEB)

Karma Dolls vs. Little Green Guys: New Study Reveals Gender Differences In Paranormal Beliefs
   October 31, 2016 (PRWEB)

No Rest For The Powerless: New Study Reveals The Role of Job Control In Burnout
   September 24, 2016 (PRWEB)

It Takes More Than A Smile: New Study Reveals Top 10 Traits All Customer Service Reps Need
   September 10, 2016 (PRWEB)

Beware the Disgruntled Employee: New Study Reveals Job Dissatisfaction Could Lead to Dishonesty
   August 27, 2016 (PRWEB)

Working Hard For The Money: New Study Reveals That Greed Does Not Always Motivate Desire For Financial Reward
   August 06, 2016 (PRWEB)

There's The Best, Then There's The Rest: Study Reveals The Characteristics of Good Leaders
   July 09, 2016 (PRWEB)

Bet Low, Lose High: New Study Reveals The Psychological Basis Of Low Self-Expectations
   June 25, 2016 (PRWEB)

When Too Much Is Enough: New Study Uncovers Risk Factors For Burnout
   June 11, 2016 (PRWEB)

Emotional Intelligence And The Medical Profession: How EQ Plays A Role In Both Patient’s And Doctor’s Well-being
   May 28, 2016 (PRWEB)

The Integrity Crossroad: New Study Reveals The Potential Repercussions Of Working In A Dishonest Job Environment
   May 14, 2016 (PRWEB)

Valiant or Vindictive : New Study Offers Insight Into How Employees Respond To Criticism
   April 30, 2016 (PRWEB)

Turn Away From The Dark Side: New Study Reveals The Importance Of Wielding Power With Empathy
   April 16, 2016 (PRWEB)

Superhuman Caregivers: New Study Uncovers The Distinct Personality Profile of Nurses
   March 20, 2016 (PRWEB)

I Am Woman And Will Roar If I Want To: New Study Compares Feminist And Non-feminist Views On Gender Roles
   March 05, 2016 (PRWEB)

It’s Not Just A Girl Thing: Queendom Study Reveals That Men Struggle With Emotional Eating Too
   February 20, 2016 (PRWEB)

I Love You, Warts And All: Queendom Study Reveals That Authenticity Is Essential To Love And Happiness
   February 13, 2016 (PRWEB)

From Light To Dark: New Queendom Study Reveals Unhealthy Thinking Patterns Linked To Depression
   January 30, 2016 (PRWEB)

Millennials Mean Business - PsychTests’ Study Indicates That Millennials Are Determined To Prove Their Worth
   January 16, 2016 (PRWEB)

Resolution Pass or Fail: New Queendom Study Reveals the Personality of Goal-achievers
   December 19, 2015 (PRWEB)

Holiday Grinches: New Queendom Study Delves into the Personality of Argumentative People
   December 12, 2015 (PRWEB)

Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert? PsychTests’ Study Reveals That It Can Be A Win-Win-Win Situation
   November 28, 2015 (PRWEB)

The Big 4 Success Predictors: New PsychTests’ Study Reveals Traits Of Top Performers
   November 14, 2015 (PRWEB)

Of Black Cats & Jinxes - The World’s Top 10 Superstitions Revealed In a New Study By
   October 29, 2015 (PRWEB)

Why The “Big Five” Are A Big Deal - PsychTests’ Study Advocates The Importance Of Nurturing Certain Personality Traits
   October 10, 2015 (PRWEB)

It’s Not You, It’s Me - PsychTests’ Study Explores Management’s Role In Turnover
   September 26, 2015 (PRWEB)

Job-Hopping Or Self-Defense? PsychTests’ Study Reveals Top Ten Reasons Employees Quit
   September 19, 2015 (PRWEB)

The Big Five Traits And The Big Five Generations - PsychTests' Study Looks At The Personality Make-up Of Today's Young And Mature
   August 29, 2015 (PRWEB)

Psyched Out - PsychTests' Study Confirms That Athletic Success Is As Much Mental As It Is Physical
  August 12, 2015 (PRWEB)

Social Butterfly, Master Manipulator - PsychTests' Study Reveals The Dark Side Of Social Insight
  July 25, 2015 (PRWEB)

Eyes On The Franchise Prize - PsychTests' Study Reveals Ten Habits Of Successful Franchise Owners
  July 11, 2015 (PRWEB)

"Doesn't Work Well With Others" - PsychTests' Study Reveals That "Team Avoiders" May Have Valid Concerns
  June 20, 2015 (PRWEB)

From Breadwinner to Stay-at-home Dad - PsychTests' Study Shows A Shift In The Roles of Fathers
  June 06, 2015 (PRWEB)

Power-Hungry And Pariah - PsychTests' Study Shows That Desire For Power Damages Relationships
  May 30, 2015 (PRWEB)

To Succeed Or Not To Succeed - PsychTests' Study Reveals That Fear Of Success Is As Detrimental As Fear Of Failure
  May 23, 2015 (PRWEB)

Defensiveness in Response to Criticism Linked to Job Dissatisfaction, Recent Psychtests' Study Reveals
  April 25, 2015 (PRWEB)

It's Not Just A Girl Thing: Queendom Study Reveals That Men Struggle With Emotional Eating Too
  April 18, 2015 (PRWEB)

Bucket List Employees - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Managers Should Hire For Ambition
  March 31, 2015 (PRWEB)

Women Still Looking For a Prince Charming But Ready To Share the Throne:'s Study Reveals How Women's Views Of Gender Roles Have Changed
  March 07, 2015 (PRWEB)

Eating Disorders: More Than A Physical Threat - Queendom Study Reveals That Eating Disorders Are Often A Sign Of Deeper Mental Health Issues
  February 21, 2015 (PRWEB)

It's Not You, It's Me: Queendom Study Reveals Why Some Men Are Afraid To Commit
  February 14, 2015 (PRWEB)

The Splendors and Miseries of Workaholics: PsychTests' Study Reveals The Unexpected Downside of Being A Workaholic
  January 31, 2015 (PRWEB)

Dangerous Dualities -'s Study Reveals Other-oriented Perfectionism Linked to Low Self-esteem
  January 31, 2015 (PRWEB)

Weight Loss Hang-ups - PsychTests' Study Reveals That What's In Your Mind Is As Important As What's In Your Belly
  January 29, 2015 (PRWEB)

Spare The Rod? PsychTests' Study Reveals That Strict, Authoritarian Parenting Does Not Produce Well-Behaved Children
  January 10, 2015 (PRWEB)

The Humpty Dumpty Ego - PsychTests' Study Reveals the Fragility of Narcissists' Self-esteem
  December 19, 2014 (PRWEB)

Diagnosis: Attitude Problem - PsychTests' Study Reveals How the Trait of Resilience Affects Wellbeing
  December 06, 2014 (PRWEB)

Psychological Wealth - PsychTests' Study Shows That Money Can't Buy Happiness
  November 29, 2014 (PRWEB)

Want To Cultivate Sales? Forget Farmer Or Hunter Types...Find A Pioneer - PsychTests' Study Reveals The Profile Of Top Salespeople
  November 12, 2014 (PRWEB)

Perfect Employees Are Anything But - New PsychTests' Study Indicates That Perfectionism Is Not A Trait That HR Managers Should Look For
  October 28, 2014 (PRWEB)

Feeling Groovy - PsychTests' New Study Reveals That High Emotional Intelligence Improves Life Satisfaction
  October 18, 2014 (PRWEB)

Don't Fear This F-word: Failure - New PsychTests' Study Reveals That People With High Self-esteem Fail With Grace
  September 30, 2014 (PRWEB)

With Humility Comes Achievement - New PsychTests' Study Indicates That Goal-achievers Are More Amenable to Coaching
  September 13, 2014 (PRWEB)

Bending over Backwards Is for Gymnasts - Psychtests' Study Reveals Why Being Too Nice Is a Disadvantage
  August 13, 2014 (PRWEB)

The Realistic Optimist - New PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Optimism With A Dose Of Practicality Can Make People Happy
  July 16, 2014 (PRWEB)

Two to Tango - PsychTests' Study Reveals 9 Key Factors In Relationship Satisfaction
  June 28, 2014 (PRWEB)

Millennials Excel At Many Things ... Except This - PsychTests' New Study Reveals What Gen Y'ers Can Learn From Boomers
  June 25, 2014 (PRWEB)

Millennial Mudslinging - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Gen Y Employees Need To Be Given
A Chance

  May 30, 2014 (PRWEB)

The Petty Personality - PsychTests' Study Reveals Why Certain People Tend to Pick Fights
  May 10, 2014 (PRWEB)

Surprising Hang-ups of a Follower - Study Reveals That Employees Who Are Followers Can Be Difficult To Coach
  April 30, 2014 (PRWEB)

Peace-makers At Work:'s Research Reveals The Benefits Of Social Values in
The Workplace

  March 29, 2014 (PRWEB)

The "Asking For Directions" Complex - Study Reveals That Female Employees Are More Coachable Than Males
  March 15, 2014 (PRWEB)

Self-made Martyr: Study Looks at How Locus of Control Influences Victim Mentality
  January 31, 2014 (PRWEB)

The Core of Bad Apples: Study Delves Into the Minds of Power-trippers
  January 31, 2014 (PRWEB)

The Patience of a Saint: PsychTests Releases Study on What It Takes to Thrive as a Call Center Customer Service Rep
  January 28, 2014 (PRWEB)

The Self-Esteem Shield - Psychtests Study Reveals the Protective Factor of High Self-Esteem
  October 10, 2013 (PRWEB)

Emotional Intelligence Is My BFF - Psychtests Study Shows That Strong EQ Leads To A Better
Social Life

  September 25, 2013 (PRWEB)

Chameleons Vs. Cookie-cutters: Multidimensional Leaders Outperform Conventional Ones, According to New PsychTests Study
  June 25, 2013 (PRWEB)

One Size Does Not Fit All - Research Highlights The Multidimensionality of Employee Motivation
  May 21, 2013 (PRWEB)

The Upside Of Taking The Heat -'s Research Reveals Why Job Success Depends On Ability To Take Criticism
  January 24, 2013 (PRWEB)

Do you deserve to be rich? PsychTests Research Reveals That It Depends On Your Personality
  September 14, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

How Are You Smart? PsychTests Research Emphasizes Importance of Nurturing Different Forms of Intelligence
  August 31, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Who are you hiring as a caregiver? Reveals Why Personality is Crucial
  August 20, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Power - Takes a Peak into the Mind of Power-Trippers
  August 10, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Let's Make a Deal - Reveals The Most Popular Negotiation Styles
  July 20, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

I Am a Manager, Hear Me Roar! PsychTests Compares Skills and Traits of Male and Female Managers
  June 28, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

When Your Customer Service Stinks - PsychTests Reveals Why Rep Personality Makes A Major Difference
  June 17, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Climbing the Ladder: PsychTests Reveals The Traits That Can Help Get You That Promotion
  May 22, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Rx: Do your research - Experts from Psychtests Prescribe Knowledge As The Best Approach Toward
Mental Health

  May 9, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than Traditional Intelligence: Psychtests Releases Research on EIQ at Work
  April 28, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

When "Satisfactory" Isn't Enough - Psychtests Releases Results Of Their Study On Excellent Managers
  April 4, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Money No Longer a Top Motivator: Psychtests Reveals What Employees Need to Feel Engaged
  March 23, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

High-risk Employees: PsychTests' Research Reveals Personality Factors That Lead To Accident Proneness
  March 2, 2012 (MARKETWIRE)

Shining a light in the dark corners of the mind - Psychtests Encourages Awareness of Mental Health
  October 4, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

Psychtests Releases A Battery Of Career-Specific Assessments To Help Job Seekers Find Alternative
  August 12, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

The Mind of An Athlete: Psychtests Releases Athletic
  August 12, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

Your Destiny is Calling: PsychTests Releases New Test to Help People Find Their Dream Job
  April 11, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

The Elite Leaders: PsychTests Releases Study on Leadership Qualities That Differentiate the Best
From the Rest

  March 18, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

You can dish it out, but can you take it? PsychTests Releases Study on People's Ability to Handle Constructive Criticism
  March 18, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

Can You Be An Entrepreneur? Psychtests Releases Study Results On Key Traits For Successful Entrepreneurs
  March 8, 2011 (MARKETWIRE)

Franchise This: Psychtests Releases A Psychological Assessment For Potential Franchisees
  November 24, 2010 (MARKETWIRE)

The Good, The Bad, And The Adrenaline Junkie: A New Study Looks At Risk-taking
  September 2, 2010 (PR.COM)

It Takes More Than Coffee And Money: New Research Reveals Top Work Motivators That Keep
People Going

  August 16, 2010 (PR.COM)

I spell "team" with an "m" and "e" - Why some people hate working as a team
  July 26, 2010 (PR.COM)

The Superhero Employee - Which traits make up this work wonder?
  July 13, 2010 (PR.COM)

Are your pants on fire, liar liar? PsychTests Releases Results of their Honesty Study
  June 8, 2010 (PR.COM)

Gender Differences in Math Intelligence: Is it a gift or a matter of personality?
  June 1, 2010 (PR.COM)

Psychology Teams up with Basketball: Five-Star Basketball Camps Adopts PsychTests' ASE (Athletic Success Evaluation) to Improve Mental Performance
  May 11, 2010 (PR.COM)

Psychtests' New Study On Communication Skills Reveals That Women Truly Have The Gift Of Gab
  May 10, 2010 (MEDIAHUB)

PsychTests Releases Results Of A Gender Roles Study: Some Old Ways Die Hard
  April 20, 2010 (MEDIAHUB)

PsychTests Releases Results Of A New Study: Astrology And Psychology - A Match Made In The Heavens?
  April 2, 2010 (MEDIAHUB)

Sales Personality: What is the profile for success, and which traits separate men and women?
  March 25, 2010 (MEDIAHUB)

Sports and Psychology: Frozen Ropes Adopts PsychTests' ACE (Athletic Competition Evaluation) to Improve Young Athletes' Mental Performance
  March 9, 2010 (PR NEWSWIRE)

Gender Roles: Are we still playing the part?
  February 23, 2010 (PR NEWSWIRE)

The Psychology Of Surgery: PsychTests Releases A Pre-Operative Mental Health Assessment For
Bariatric Clinics

  February 22, 2010 (PR NEWSWIRE)

Weight gain woes during the holidays: Do visions of sugar plums dance in your head?
  December 1,2009 (PR NEWSWIRE)

A blue Christmas: PsychTests offers a free Depression Test to help sufferers during the holidays
  October 1,2009 (PR NEWSWIRE)

A penny for their thoughts: Pre-employment testing on a budget
  October 1,2009 (PR NEWSWIRE)

PsychTests Launches MatchScale - the Blueprint for Compatibility, the most comprehensive test in the history of the company!
  August 24,2005

Are you a social wizard? Psychtests adds the Self-Monitoring Test to its Battery of Personality and HR Tests
  November 26, 2003

Have a knack for casting new light on an old problem? Psychtests Adds The Creative Problem-Solving Test To Its Battery Of Career And HR Tests
  November 17, 2003

Need people who could sell ice on the North Pole? Find them with the new Sales Test Battery
from Psychtests

   December 11, 2002 (INTERNET WIRE)

To team or not to team: Match employees and work environment with PsychTests' new Team vs. Individual Orientation Test
  November 13, 2002 (INTERNET WIRE)

'Synergize' your organization with team fit assessment: Psychtests introduces new Team Roles Test
  October 1, 2002 (INTERNET WIRE)

Job candidate's personality more important than skills? You bet! Psychtests Introduces ARCH Profile For HR Managers - A New Online Psychometric Tool With A Battery Of 90 Tests
  August 5, 2002 (INTERNET WIRE)

Psychtests Launches ARCH Profile, An Online Psychological Testing Center For Therapists
  July 10, 2001 (INTERNET WIRE)

Re-Launched Psychtests Provides Online Testing Tools For HR, Psychologists And Academics
  July 5, 2001 (INTERNET WIRE)

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