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Informative and insightful, ARCH Profile's white papers offer employers and employees relevant and intriguing information on current trends and "hot" topics in the modern workplace. Written in an informal and entertaining style, our articles are supported by Psychtests' extensive data gathered from years of rigorous research in the field of work-related behaviours, attitudes and aptitudes.

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Declarations of Independence - Developing an
Autonomous Staff

What are the advantages to hiring an employee who is autonomous and can work relatively unsupervised?
white paper
Do Your Employees Spell Team with M-E? Reasons Why Teamwork Isn't Always a Pleasant Experience
PsychTests data reveals why teamwork isn't always high-fives and pats on the back.
white paper
Employee Transformers - Can Your Staff Change and Adapt
Perhaps the most important skill an employee can possess is his/her capacity to adapt.
white paper
It Takes More Than a Desire to Make Money - Key Traits for Successful Entrepreneurs
What unique characteristics make a successful entrepreneur?
white paper
Like Seeds in Fertile Soil - Work Environments That Nurture Productivity
Is the work environment of your company a productive or toxic one?
white paper
Multi-tasking is for Jugglers, Not Employees
Multitasking may seem to be a simple concept but it is actually a complex and frequently misunderstood mental process.
white paper
Performance Evaluations Don't Need to Taste Like Brussels Sprouts - Making Reviews an Appealing Experience
How to ensure that the performance appraisal process of your company is a productive one.
white paper
Quarterback, Shortstop, Goalie, Bob - Finding the Right Team Player for Your Company
While many of us reflexively refer to ourselves as "team players", do we really grasp what it means?
white paper
Risk-Taking - Going Out on a Limb Requires a Nimble Personality
Psychtests' study reveals that most people are moderate risk-takers with men being more likely to take risks than women.
white paper
Risky Business - Finding the Right Balance Between Daredevil and Avoider
Why a degree or risk-taking is essential to your company's growth.
white paper
Snuffing Out Burnout
Do you frequently find yourself exhausted at work? Depressed? Unmotivated? You may be suffering from burnout.
white paper
The Emotionally Intelligent Employee - Why Emotional Smarts Can Matter More Than IQ
Most of us are familiar with the concept of IQ, but what about EIQ?
white paper
The Managerial Jigsaw - Finding the Right Piece to Fit Your Company's Puzzle
How can you assess whether a potential managerial candidate has the right stuff?
white paper
The Ultimate Leaders: PsychTests Releases Study on Leadership Qualities That Differentiate the Best from the Rest
PsychTests' study reveals the skills and personality characteristics that make or break leaders.
white paper
Under Pressure - Coping with Workplace Stress
Like it or not, stress is an unavoidable fact of life. Can stress be considered a positive factor in our lives?
white paper
Wanted: Salesperson Who Can Sell Ice Like Hot Cakes - Key Traits in Top Salespeople
A few salient thoughts on a frequently misunderstood profession.
white paper
When Honesty Is Your Company Policy
Honesty at work can be a sensitive issue, but is definitely something that merits investigation. Reading this article may improve your company's bottom line. Honestly.
white paper
When You Don't Have a Picasso or da Vinci on Staff - Developing Creativity in Employees
How can placing an emphasis on creativity benefit your company?
white paper
Work Motivators - When Money and Coffee are not Enough
Everyone holds different values in regards to work and needs different things in their job to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Psychtests' research reveals top work motivators that keep people going.
white paper
Workplace Bullying
In recent years, employers have begun to take a much more serious look at the impact of workplace bullying.
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