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DISCPP (DISC Personality Profile) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb M.
Completed on: January 8, 2014 at 3:53 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
The result below is a summary of Deb's unique DISC personality type based on the four main personality factors - Dominance, Influence, Supportiveness, and Conscientiousness.

SC Type - The Team Player
SC types are as diligent with their work as they are good with people. They may not be the most vocal individuals, but their dedicated desire to get tasks done well, their willingness to help others, and their unassuming nature makes them an easygoing peer. So easygoing sometimes, that SC types can be overlooked or, worse yet, underestimated, which would be a grave mistake. If given time to work and process ideas at their own pace and the opportunity to speak their mind, SC types can be a well of knowledge and ideas, thanks to their quietly observant nature.
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