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CAPSAT - R (Creativity & Problem-Solving Aptitude Test - Revised) - Sample Report

Report for: John Smith
Completion: August 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
Although logical thinking clearly has its place in the problem-solving process, it can be rather restrictive. Creative problem-solving is a method that involves using imagination in addition to cognitive techniques in order to provide a much more expansive and insightful view into the nature of a problem. Included in these results you will find John's overall problem-solving score, his results on each of the subscales, his strengths and limitations and some helpful advice on how he can nurture and enhance this skill.

Overall results

According to John's score, creativity in problem-solving is generally among his strengths. His overall attitude and the manner in which he approaches the process are conducive to productive thinking, although he may sometimes impose limitations on himself. Creative problem-solving can prove quite useful in many fields; it isn't limited to jobs related to marketing and the like in which coming up with creative solutions and ideas are commonplace. Creative problem-solving fosters an innovative work environment, which is important to a company's success. Studies have shown that after implementing creative problem- solving training, many businesses have seen a decrease in production costs, and an improvement in employees' abilities to tackle everyday problems. Although some may believe that creativity is an innate ability, the skill of creative problem-solving is one that can certainly be nurtured and improved. Check out the rest of this person's results to find out the areas he may be having difficulties in.
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