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WALA - R (Work Accident Likelihood Assessment - Revised) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb M.
Completed on: April 6, 2012 at 11:36 am

detailed results
strengths & limitations
The tendency to take dangerous risks is considered to be a function of many different elements. These can include personality traits, attitudes, and behavioral tendencies. The scales that contribute to Deb's accident proneness score are Sensation-seeking, Harm-avoidance, Conscientiousness, Positive Attitude Towards Safety, Attentiveness, and Responsibility. Each of these elements is addressed in her results. In addition, further information is provided about the types of risks she is likely to take. These scales can help Deb to become more aware of the areas in which she is more likely to take unnecessary chances.

Personality Type: The Realist

Deb displays high harm-avoidance and medium sensation-seeking. Despite experiencing pessimism and anxiety, she is fairly bored with monotony, and is somewhat driven to take risks and engage in new experiences. She takes risk-taking very seriously, and her moderate level of sensation-seeking may inhibit her from taking chances. When engaging in risky behavior, she is probably extremely guarded. Even when she takes every possible precaution, she still second-guesses her decisions, and remains distracted and nervous until the outcome is revealed. She would be most comfortable in a position where the level of monotony is low and she is occasionally exposed to new things, but also one in which she isn't required to take many risks and isn't exposed to dangerous situations.

People with this profile feel troubled when faced with important decisions, and often obsess over the possible negative outcomes. Deb may take longer than others to make the final call, mulling over her options and trying to pick one that doesn't present a threat. She tends to dwell on past mistakes, resulting in a vicious cycle in which every error causes more fear, and often looks at the negative side of any situation, expecting and preparing for the worst.

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