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Hiring tips Want to use a pre-employment test? Here's what to look for
A test may ask all the right questions and assess all the skills you are looking for, but it needs to be able to perform well statistically. Any theories, regardless of the field of study, only become fact if they can stand up to rigorous analysis. You don't need to be a psychologist to assess the quality of a test. Use this checklist.
Hiring tips An introduction to mining for top performers with psychological assessments
What do you think is the most dreaded managerial task? Hiring and firing win this unpopularity contest, hands down, and for a good reason. The process of hiring has become a lot like our morning routine: predictable, boring, and uninspiring. Here are a few suggestions on what to look out for when interviewing a new hire.
Hiring tips Risk-Taking - Going Out on a Limb Requires a Nimble Personality
Risk-avoidant people are less likely to make rash decisions and consequent mistakes. They're also not likely to attain great achievements. Extreme risk-takers can be reckless, dangerous, and put their body and ?nances in peril. But to risk nothing is to achieve nothing. Thankfully, there is a happy medium.
Hiring tips Hiring mistakes you may not realize you're making
HR managers have to be fair and objective, and put aside any assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices when going through the hiring process. But alas, we are human. We can be charmed by a charismatic job candidate, or completely dismiss someone whose interviewing skills are unpolished. Here is an informative "cheat-sheet" on how to sidestep the most common interview errors.
Hiring tips What pre-employment tests can do for you... and what they can't do
Using personality and job fit assessments can be really useful when trying to find the right employee for your company. They're easy to administer, objective, and insightful. Like all hiring tools though, they have their advantages and disadvantages. This is why the recruitment process needs to incorporate a multi-faceted approach.
Hiring tips Types of pre-employment tests
When you are able to ask people the right questions, you can receive amazing insight into their thoughts, feelings, attitude, and behavior - insight that standard hiring procedures, like interview questions and reference-checking, are not able to access easily. Here is a quick, easy-to-understand guide on the type of assessments that are out there.
Hiring tips Hiring: Risk-taking, Charismatic and Goal-oriented Leader - Why Understanding Personality in the Workplace is Important
Employee personality always trumps talent and skills. If you can ?nd candidates with the right attitude, even if their skills aren't impressive, you can polish such diamonds in the rough. So which personality type should you hire? The combination of personality traits that translate to successful job performance can vary depending on the type of position.
Hiring tips It Takes More Than a Desire to Make Money - Key Traits for Successful Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs need to have the right stu? to tackle the already bloated business world, and it takes more than a charismatic voice to peddle a towel that dries liquid in an instant, or an oxygen-based stain remover to get even those stubborn grease marks out. What unique characteristics make for a successful entrepreneur?
Hiring tips When Honesty Is Your Company Policy
While honesty tests in general need to be taken with a grain of salt, research has shown that honesty testing in the employment setting does have its merit. In companies where testing has been implemented, theft and other forms of dishonest behaviors have decreased dramatically. Research has also found a reasonably strong link between integrity test results and overall job performance.
Hiring tips Risky Business - Finding the Right Balance Between Daredevil and Avoider
A risk-taker can be an asset to a company. However, risk-taking has equal potential for negative or positive consequences. That's why it's important to screen for qualities that complement calculated risk-taking. The accomplished risk-taker always does his or her best to make informed decisions and minimize the potential negative impact of those decisions.
Hiring tips Using tests for HR purposes
The onboarding process is crucial to getting new employees started on the right foot. It's an opportunity to clarify tasks and roles, to ease them into the social environment, and clear up the shell-shock of starting in a new place. With assessments, you can help an employee adjust more quickly to their new position. Here's how:
Hiring tips How much is that hiring mistake really costing you?
Most companies can survive the occasional bad hire, but when hiring is done by trial and error, you get a cumulative effect. If your recruitment process is lacking, chances are that there will be consequences. Not only does this cost a lot of money, it also has an effect on the rest of the team.
Hiring tips Wanted: Salesperson Who Can Sell Ice Like Hot Cakes - Key Traits in Top Salespeople
In order to avoid hiring a bad salesperson, you need to understand what makes a good one. The most successful salespeople, regardless of what it is they sell, leverage all of their skills in order to drive business. It may also be helpful, even before the interviewing process, to consider some of the tools available to evaluate character, work habits and personality.
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