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An introduction to mining for top performers with psychological assessments
Here are a few suggestions on what to look out for when interviewing a new hire.
Hiring mistakes you may not realize you’re making
An informative “cheat-sheet” on how to sidestep the most common interview errors.
How much is that hiring mistake really costing you?
Think turnover isn’t a big deal? The cost of hiring mistakes will shock you.
Types of pre-employment tests
A quick, easy-to-understand guide on the type of assessments that are out there.
Using tests for HR purposes
Did you think assessments can only be used during the hiring process? Think again!
What pre-employment tests can do for you…and what they can’t do
Pre-employment tests can’t replace human judgment, but they can offer helpful counsel.
Want to use a pre-employment test? Here’s what to look for
You don’t need to be a psychologist to assess the quality of a test. Use this checklist.
Risk-Taking - Going Out on a Limb Requires a Nimble Personality
Psychtests' study reveals that most people are moderate risk-takers with men being more likely to take risks than women.
Risky Business - Finding the Right Balance Between Daredevil and Avoider
Why a degree or risk-taking is essential to your company's growth.
Wanted: Salesperson Who Can Sell Ice Like Hot Cakes - Key Traits in Top Salespeople
A few salient thoughts on a frequently misunderstood profession.
It Takes More Than a Desire to Make Money - Key Traits for Successful Entrepreneurs
What unique characteristics make a successful entrepreneur?
When Honesty Is Your Company Policy
Honesty at work can be a sensitive issue, but is definitely something that merits investigation. Reading this article may improve your company's bottom line. Honestly.
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