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Career development and personal growth

Money is no longer the top motivator. For more than 70% of people who took ARCH Profile's Career Motivation Profile, learning on the job motivates them more than high salary or a fancy job title. This indicates that developing employee potential is essential, whether in the form of additional training to upgrade specific skills, unique and challenging projects, or a lateral move into a totally new position in the company. And just in case you needed more incentive for career development: studies show that the return on investment for companies who implement learning opportunities can increase anywhere from 300% to a whopping 1500%. Just imagine what that can do for your bottom line!

Assessments that enhance career development and employee potential can help you to:

  • Create customized learning opportunities. Regardless of your budget, learning opportunities are in abundance—whether through internal training programs or economical solutions like continuing education classes, webinars, workshops, and seminars. And with sufficient knowledge about areas where an employee's potential can be further developed, suitable opportunities for additional education and training can be tailored to each individual preference.
  • Boost employee benefit programs. Offering employees free and confidential access to assessments on topics such as communication and social skills, conflict management, coping strategies, assertiveness or learning styles will positively impact their behavior at work, and will have the added benefit of spilling over into their personal life.
  • Identify trends and gaps in skills or knowledge. A company-wide assessment may reveal issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, your organization can monitor risk of burnout or stress level in employees and implement preventive measures. Identifying gaps and trends can even enhance your onboarding process by ensuring that new employees are well-equipped and prepared to handle all challenges.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your training process. By using specific assessments before and a few months after your training process, you can obtain valuable insight on how well an employee has progressed - and whether your training process needs some tweaking. Identify areas where training is effective, and pinpoint issues that were not adequately addressed.

How ARCH Profile’s coaching reports can contribute to employee development

A big part of employee development is being able to identify training needs and job performance issues. In addition to psychological assessments, ARCH Profile also offers coaching reports. Coaching reports, with custom-tailored tips and actionable coaching exercises, add a lot of value and save preparation time for managers and HR specialists.

Learn more about coaching reports here.

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We use the EI assessment in an educational setting for new police officers to discover their strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate the ability as an administrator to enroll and assign tests myself online without needing to contact anyone personally.

Lt. Al Kuehl
Staff Development
Rochester Police Department