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VaPro - R4 (Values Profile - 4th Revision) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb M.
Completed on: February 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm

detailed results
dominant & minor values
The results below are a summary of Deb's top values - those that are most important to her and on which she bases her life decisions and goals. Her Core Value is her top value overall. Her Work Value is her top value in her professional life, and takes into account aspects like career path, work tasks, and job environment. Her Personal Value is her top value in her personal life and reflects issues related to relationships, hobbies, and world view.

Top Core Value: Social Values
Those who place importance on social values enjoy being helpful, kind and agreeable. They think it's important to try to find the good in everyone, and have faith that if they dig deep enough, they'll find it. They give of themselves, whether on a small scale (e.g. by spending time with a friend in need), or on a global scale (e.g. by volunteering for a human rights organization). In helping others overcome obstacles, people with social values hope to assist them in becoming the best they can be. They are giving and compassionate individuals. Social people likely become passionately angry at signs of social injustice. They enjoy and benefit from being with others, both in their work and personal sphere, and as a result, seek out jobs and activities where this is possible. In times of crisis and change, people with social values are both a source of comfort for their family and friends, and able to be comforted by them as well.

Top Personal Value: Social Values
For people whose top personal value is social, their interests, hobbies, home life and general attitude will revolve around people. In their free time they seek to be surrounded by those they care about, as relationships in general are very important to them. On a wider scale, they may start social causes or respect and support those people who fight for them. Those with social values have a knack for networking and connecting with others - they simply cannot imagine their lives without the camaraderie of others. While almost anyone would dislike conflict, people with strong social values are particularly affected by it. It bothers them to see others in pain or to see a relationship break apart, and so they will strive to help, heal, and resolve disagreements.

Top Work Value: Realistic Values
People for whom realistic values are important in work settings are happiest and utilize their talents best in positions where they can see tangible results of the fruits of their labor. They need to feel that they are accomplishing something with their work, as they desire to be productive and make an impact in some way. Hands-on projects are often their specialty, although they excel at any task that requires a practical and systematic approach. People with realistic values are not afraid of hard work, but like barter systems of old, they want to make sure that they are given fair compensation for their efforts. Given their more down-to-earth personality, projects that require them to think "outside the box" may not be their specialty. They could potentially complement creative people and projects in the sense of making sure proposed visions and ideas are feasible, but they can clash with more unconventional thinkers.
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