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RiskTA - R (Risk-taking Assessment - Revised) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb Demo
Completed on: November 7, 2013 at 5:34 pm

detailed results
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The primary personality traits assessed to measure risk-taking propensity include sensation-seeking, harm-avoidance and comfort with ambiguity. In addition, other mediating factors are also assessed, including Deb 's level of conscientiousness, her locus of control, and whether she needs to be enticed to take risks by potential rewards.

The results offer information not only about the degree of risk-taking Deb is likely to partake in, but also how controlled and careful she is apt to be, as well as how much responsibility she takes for the consequences of her behavior.

Personality Type: The Foreboder

Deb displays contradictory tendencies for high harm-avoidance and high sensation-seeking. She becomes anxious and worried in stressful situations, yet is easily bored with monotony, and feels driven to take risks and experience new things. She takes the potential consequences of risk-taking very seriously, which might inhibit her behavior. When she does take risks, she may be unsure and regret her decisions. She usually becomes extremely stressed - even obsessed - with her decisions, especially if they involve an element of danger. Even when she takes every possible precaution to reduce the risks of her actions, she still second-guesses herself, and is distracted and nervous until the outcome of her decision is revealed.

It is no surprise that Deb is highly conscientious. Her anxious nature probably drives her to be as careful and rule-abiding as possible, while inhibiting any desire to take risks.

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