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NAP (Negotiation Aptitude Profile) - Sample Report

Report for: Mary Smith
Completion: January 21, 2011 at 1:24 pm

detailed results
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Whenever a disagreement occurs, some form of negotiation will almost always result. In the business world where million dollar deals are made everyday, being able to negotiate effectively is crucial. The ability to resolve disagreements and come up with a mutually beneficial solution takes skill and practice. Although not every negotiator strives for a win-win situation, it is almost always the most optimal outcome in terms of maintaining the integrity of a business relationship. Of course, achieving these ends is rarely an easy endeavor.

Personality Type: The Diplomat
Diplomats are highly-skilled negotiators who can adapt to any situation or opponent. Known to be sharp-witted and extremely good at building a rapport with others, this type has a knack for making everyone feel like they've come out of a negotiation a winner. Diplomats are noted for their level-headedness and exceptional emotional control, giving them an edge when dealing with particularly difficult people; they refuse to back down to intimidation. However, rather than resort to less-than-noble tactics themselves, Diplomats rely on their intuitiveness to outsmart or outmaneuver their opponents. People with this negotiating style are like social chameleons; whatever the issue or opponent, they can quickly and easily modify their approach or tactics according to the situation.
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