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LiSI - R (Listening Skills Inventory - Revised) - Sample Report

Report for: Mary Smith
Completion: January 19, 2011 at 3:08 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
Listening is an active practice, not a passive one. Active listening involves two main aspects: physical attentiveness, which refers to the listener's outward behavior, and mental attentiveness, which refers to the listener's internal processes. Included in the results section you will find Mary's overall listening score, her results on each of the subscales, her strengths and limitations, and some helpful advice on how to improve this essential but often overlooked skill.

Overall results

Mary's score indicates that her listening skills are fairly good. This is fortunate because such abilities are essential for maintaining good relationships. Practiced listening encompasses both verbal and non-verbal techniques. When Mary uses these techniques together, she can effectively show others that she is open to the messages they are conveying. Since she displays many of these essential skills, people likely feel comfortable opening up to her.
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