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EMEBA (Emotional Eating Behavior Assessment - Sample Report

Report for: John Smith
Completion: August 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
As with any unhealthy habit, awareness is the first step to overcoming it. By pinpointing what triggers emotional eating and learning better strategies to cope with stress and hardship, emotional eaters can learn to avoid using food as a remedy for problems. This assessment attempts to determine the underlying mechanisms that lead to a person's emotional eating, and offers tips on how to gain control of this all-too-common problem.

Overall results

John's score indicates he has some tendencies towards emotional eating. He may not use it as his sole coping strategy, but food sometimes provides an emotional crutch for him. He may associate food as a simple comfort after a day of stress or as a reliable companion whenever he needs an emotional boost. Even though his reliance on food is not all-encompassing, he must recognize its toll on his body and psyche. John should take steps now to control his emotional eating before it escalates into a more serious problem.
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