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CSP - R3 (Customer Service Profile - 3rd Revision) - Sample Report

Report for: Sam Sample
Completed on: April 18, 2016 at 2:44 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
With the globalization of many organizations, we have seen an industrial shift towards a more service-oriented society. The number of jobs in the service sector is on the rise, as technological innovation has made many manufacturing jobs obsolete, which was an industry that traditionally employed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in the 20th century. As competition both on a global and national scale has risen in the new millennium, it has become increasingly important for companies to offer quality customer support related to the products or services they provide. Nowadays, an unsatisfied customer can easily turn to a variety of competitors to suit their needs - and have no qualms about expressing their grievances on forums, review sites, and social media.

Overall Result

Although Sam does not possess all the skills and traits necessary to work in a customer service position, he can potentially develop and improve them over time in order to pursue a job in this line of work. He would likely be able to adapt to this type of position, but it would take some time and effort on his part.