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COMSA - R2 (Communication Skills Assessment - 2nd Revision) - Sample Report

Report for: Mary Smith
Completion: January 19, 2011 at 11:58 am

detailed results
strengths & limitations
Good communication skills are the foundation of professional relationships. It's not just what a person says that matters - it's how he or she says it. Included in these results you will find Mary's overall communication score, her results on each of the subscales, her strengths and limitations, and some helpful advice on how she can improve her interpersonal skills.

Overall results

According to her score on this test, Mary's communication skills are excellent. Interpersonal skills are the essence of social interaction; they play a large role in the impression she makes on others. Deficient communication skills, both on the part of employees and managers, are one of the most common complaints in the work environment. Even if a job doesn't require interacting with the public, being able to communicate effectively with employees, team members, and colleagues is invaluable. A lack of skill in this area can result in serious work errors, unnecessary conflict or tension, misunderstandings, role confusion in group work, and even job dissatisfaction, among other things. The good news is that communication skills can be improved.

Mary definitely has a solid grasp of effective communication and most importantly, puts that know-how into practice. She is definitely on the right track.

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