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CLAA-R2 (Clerical Aptitude Assessment - 2nd Revision) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb M.
Completion: June 28, 2013 at 9:28 am

detailed results
strengths & limitations
Administrative and clerical workers rank amongst the largest occupational groups in today's economy. Whether it's a small, privately owned business or a huge multi-million dollar corporation, all trades require the contributions of these hard workers. In essence, everyone in an office relies on these individuals to keep operations under control, running smoothly and efficiently. In other words, without these employees, the world of business would be largely unproductive and disorganized. To ensure this balance, clerical workers provide a wide range of services, all of which are crucial to an organization.

Overall results

According to Deb's test results, she would likely do well in a career as an administrative or clerical worker. Although she scored well on most scales, there are some areas that she could improve on. With a concerted effort, she could excel in this field. Overall, from a psychological point of view, she is well suited for a position in the clerical field. Read the detailed results to learn more about which areas could be improved.
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