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CCCSRT (Call Center Customer Service Rep Test - Sample Report

Report for: John Smith
Completion: August 7, 2012 at 4:57 pm

detailed results
strengths & limitations
It used to be that having the best product or service on the market was enough. Unfortunately, no matter how well-made a product is, how much research a company has to back up its reliability, and regardless as to which celebrity is promoting it, a company is virtually a sitting duck without good customer service.

Overall Results

John has the potential do well in customer service, but he has a few obstacles to overcome before fitting comfortably into the role of call center representative. He would need to start taking the steps necessary to further improve on the skills and traits outlined in this test. If he is willing to put in the effort to do so, his chances of success will improve as well. He has at least some basic skills.
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