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CAMOP - R2 (Career Motivation Profile - 2nd Revision) - Sample Report

Report for: Deb M.
Completion: July 25, 2013 at 10:51 am

career motivators

The result below is an overarching personality profile based on Deb's motivators. It will provide a general overview of what is important to her in a job, and what inspires her to do her best. Please note that her fit into a typology may not always be a perfect match - she could, for instance, share a few commonalities with one or two other types. Therefore, there is a slight chance that her results on the motivators in the Details section will differ a little from the characteristics of her overarching personality profile. We suggest that you use the type Deb receive as a general guideline or a basic "snapshot" of her personality as it relates to motivation in general.

Personality Type: The Breadwinner
Individuals who fit into the Breadwinner personality cluster are first and foremost motivated to provide for their family. They want a stable, secure job that they can count on, and they want it to pay the bills. This type of job does not come without strings; the Breadwinners know that they must earn their paycheck with hard work, commitment to their employer and perhaps taking on additional responsibility. These individuals are not likely to jump ship from a stable job. While this is not a huge priority for them, Breadwinners do likely prefer a structured environment where they know what is expected of them; in their minds, uncertainty can lead to a poor performance if they do not know what is expected, which could in turn jeopardize their jobs.
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