WINT - R (Work Integrity Test - Revised) - Sample Report

Report for: Sam Sample
Completed on: December 22, 2015 at 10:45 am

detailed results
areas of concern
Over the past several years, honesty and integrity testing in the workplace has become more and more prevalent. There are several reasons for this increase. First, organizations that had utilized polygraph testing in the past for their employees were forced to stop due to new legislation. This created a void in this type of testing - something that these companies likely regretted because they knew that testing for honesty had great benefits, both in the quality of personnel hired and in the reduction of theft and other counterproductive behavior. Second, companies are realizing that the high cost of turnover even in entry-level jobs merits more careful selection procedures. And finally, evidence suggests that organizations and companies have reason to fear that their employees may in fact steal from them. Studies show that honesty testing works - in companies where testing has been implemented, theft and other forms of dishonest behaviors have decreased dramatically. The following is an interpretation for Sam's overall honesty score.

Overall results

A score like this indicates that Sam's propensity for dishonest behavior is average. He likely can be trusted in some situations, but in others, he may take the less-than-honest route. As such, he may need more supervision than people who had a high overall score. This does not necessarily mean that he will "misbehave" in your organization. He may, however, fall into the trap of acting inappropriately in tempting situations.