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If someone were to tell you that they had solutions to many of your professional needs, you would probably be skeptical. The ability to cut recruitment costs by hiring the right person the first time around? The ability to coach people to reach their full potential, increase your website's traffic, or conduct market and psychological research?

It's all possible, and ARCH Profile can help you make it happen with a large selection of renowned professionally developed psychological assessments, user-friendly interface, knowledgeable staff, and stellar customer service.

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ARCH Profile tests are used by companies, clinicians and researchers around the world for a variety of purposes. The use of artificial intelligence methods to encode expert knowledge into the automated scoring system enables us to offer you unprecedented insight about your test-takers.

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Get the most out of ARCH Profile by adding optional functionality to your account! These additional modules take the insight gleaned from the tests to the next level. Pick the ones you need, or get them all for one low price. Contact us for a complimentary trial.

Some people are born to lead, some have the role thrust upon them. Most learn to become great leaders by developing the skills, knowledge, and experience that allows them to nurture, guide, and bring out the best in others. There is always room to grow, and the Leadership Tips provide guidelines, ideas and insights to improve leadership performance.

Risk-Taking - Going Out on a Limb Requires a Nimble Personality

Psychtests' study reveals that most people are moderate risk-takers with men being more likely to take risks than women. View more ...

The Emotionally Intelligent Employee - Why Emotional Smarts Can Matter More Than IQ

Most of us are familiar with the concept of IQ, but what about EIQ? View more ...

The ARCH Profile Insights is a collection of blogs with juicy details from our research. They dig deep and explore different angles of the human mind and human behavior. Empirically based, drawing on data from our extensive studies, these blogs are guaranteed to entertain, inspire, and provide food for thought as well as actionable tips on a wide variety of topics.

Forging Through The Lockdown - Part 13: More insights into how people are dealing with the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best, and in a few cases, the worst, in people. There are helpers and there are hoarders. In spite of the fallout of the pandemic, there are at least a few silver linings. View more ...

Forging Through The Lockdown - Part 12: Insights into how people are dealing with the pandemic

COVID-19 isn't just physical health issue. It has been a test of resilience, tenacity, and patience, as people try to protect themselves against an enemy they can neither see nor hear. This new, unprecedented reality of isolation and social distancing, of governments and medical officials learning on the fly, has left people wondering what tomorrow will bring. View more ...

Forging Through The Lockdown - Part 11: What to do when you're feeling frustrated, bored, sad, or anxious

With most of us stuck indoors, isolation will start to take a psychological toll. Here are some tips for dealing with the different emotions you may experience during the lockdown: View more ...

Our bi-weekly press releases report the latest research findings from our studies, using psychological assessments. You will get solid, science-based data, interesting insights, fascinating patterns of human behavior, enlightening infographics and an opportunity to interview our researchers.

Hoarding Supplie And Feelings: New Study Indicates That A Hoard Mentality During A Crisis Does Not Dispel Fear And Stress

A new study conducted by reveals that people who believe hoarding food and supplies is the way to survive a pandemic are, in fact, no better off than those who don't, at least on an emotional level. View more ...

Pandemic Positivity: Study Indicates That "Realistic Optimists" Are Coping Best With The Covid Lockdown

A study conducted by reveals that optimism will help people adapt to the pandemic with a greater sense of ease, but it must be tempered with a realistic attitude. View more ...

Staying Strong: New study sheds light on the characteristics of resilient people

Living in a COVID kind of world requires strength and fortitude. But how does a person develop resilience and stay strong in uncertain times? A new study by sheds some light on this topic. View more ...